Don’t use a non-stick pan for deep frying before reading this

Non-stick pans are famous worldwide. We can easily cook and fry various food items in non-stick pans. Those pans are excellent for frying eggs, making pancakes, sautéing vegetables, and other beautiful cooking.

Yes, you can deep-fry in a non-stick pan only if the surface can tolerate high heat without leaching. In that case, I recommend using stainless steel or cast iron pans.

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Deep frying on a non-stick pan

What exactly is a non-stick coating?

Most non-stick coatings are made of polytetrafluoroethylene. It is also known as Teflon.

A non-stick coating refers to the coating that allows the cookware to use less oil by removing the stickiness of the pan surface. But, there is also Teflon-free non-stick cookware available. Ceramic cookware is a great example.

There are many popular terminologies among chefs. Deep frying is a standard and broadly used process. It is called both deep frying and deep fat frying.

What are the different types of frying methods?

Three specific frying methods, including pan frying, shallow frying, and deep frying, determine how much food will be covered by oil.

Pan frying: This is a dry-heat cooking method. It depends on whether you use oil or butter as the heat transfer medium. The use of oil in pan frying is too low. So it does not submerge the food in oil. Significantly, the moisture of the pan surface is enough to prepare the food. Sometimes it makes cooking possible without any oil.Pan frying

Shallow frying: This is a hot oil-based cooking method. It fries the food with bubbling oil and cooks food in oil with depth. The oil of the cookware must cover 1/3 of the food in frying. Sufficient heat allows the pan to make a bubble of oil and fries the food efficiently.Shallow frying

Deep Frying: The deep-frying method is a cooking process where the food is totally submerged in oil. It heats up the food in oil to prepare crispy food.Deep Frying

What is deep-frying?

Deep-frying is when you use hot oil and sink your food to fry. “Deep Fry” is the terminology that refers to a different task than regular frying. It is the frying process where the fat or oil submerges the frying food element.

A cooking pan is essential for deep frying. We must be careful about the characteristics of a deep frying pan. Generally, a deep-frying pan should be at least five inches deep. It is the most necessary feature of a deep-frying pan because it accommodates sufficient surface oil for deep-frying.

Can I use a non-stick pan for deep frying?

Yes, you can fry food deeply on a non-stick pan. People feel comfortable and safe while cooking on a non-stick cookware surface since it is suitable for healthy, secure, and perfect cooking. So, many professional and home chefs like it.

Traditionally, non-stick cookware is perfect for various types of cooking. It can cook beautiful curries; on the other hand, it can also fry multiple foods, including eggs and bread. But what about deep-frying in non-stick cookware? Is it possible at all?

The versatility of non-stick cookware allows you to deep fry on the cookware surface. So, there is no doubt that you will get an outstanding performance when you deep fry your foods in oil or butter.

Is deep frying unhealthy?

Deep-fried foods include a significant amount of trans fat. It makes the food unhealthy for some time. Tran fats can increase the possibility of several diseases, including obesity (6, 7, 8), diabetes, cancer, etc.

But, it is a logical question – why do trans fats come into foods that are deep fried? Basically, deep-fried foods are fried at a high temperature. As a result, the fat gains access to the food, and the food becomes much more unhealthy.

Why is deep frying food beneficial?

Although deep frying foods is unhealthy, it has an important advantage. Deep frying is so popular among food lovers for preparing tastier foods quickly.

Generally, you get tastier and crispier foods by deep frying them easily. But, when you fry meat, potatoes, or fish, you can enjoy the food, but you may lose the crispiness of the food. So, deep frying is an essential process for increasing food’s taste.

Things to consider before deep frying on a non-stick pan

Cooking on non-stick cookware is a healthy and easy process. It is also good to deep fry on a non-stick pan. But, there is a specific guideline to follow before starting deep frying on a non-stick pan.

What is the recommended temperature?

Deep frying on non-stick cookware is not harmful to the pan if you control the high heat. When the heat crosses the limit, the non-stick coating may break down. It is a significant issue with non-stick cookware; you have to replace it in this situation.

PTFE has a melting point, and it is 620 degrees Fahrenheit. It may be a piece of good news for chefs who feel comfortable cooking at high heat. But, it would be best if you kept cooking under 500 degrees Fahrenheit for safe cooking.

You may purchase an infrared thermometer to control the temperature limit. It can protect the pan and oil from high temperatures. Moreover, the thermometer ensures the cookware is safe from overheating.

How big should a deep fry pan be?

Deep frying pans need enough space to hold the fried item and sufficient oil. In a shallow non-stick pan, insufficient oil can be used.

Oil has the ability to exceed the temperature more than boiling water. In fact, water can reach up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, but when it is deeply fried, oil can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The situation may be dangerous when the oil temperature reaches up to 450°F. Sometimes, a significant amount of oil may leak and cause a fire in the kitchen.

The non-stick pan should be 5–6 cm deep and wide enough. So, the pan can support the appropriate amount of food for frying and provide the perfect surface.

What type of utensil is best for a deep fry pan?

Deep frying is a totally different task than the regular frying experience. Significantly, when deep frying occurs, the consideration of temperature comes automatically. Plastic or metal utensils are totally harmful for use during deep frying.

The metal utensils can rust the cookware and scratch the Teflon surface. However, metal utensils have the possibility of getting hotter quickly. Plastic utensils are also prohibited for deep frying because they may be damaged by high heat.

Using wooden utensils is the best solution. They are perfect for any fry on any cookware.

Best cooking oil for deep frying

If your non-stick cookware is free of Teflon (such as ceramic cookware), there is no problem with reacting. Unflavored cooking oil is the best solution for deep frying on a non-stick pan. It does not let you suffer from an unpleasant smell.

Although deep frying over high heat is harmful to a non-stick pan, several oils may make the task quite easier. That is why choosing a good oil type is so essential for deep frying.

Can you use Sunflower oil for deep frying on a non-stick surface?

Yes. If you want an oil with a high vitamin E content, you may use sunflower oil for deep frying. It has a high smoke point (400 degrees Fahrenheit or more). So, sunflower oil allows you to cook and deep fry your foods at a higher temperature. About 28% of a person’s daily necessary nutrients are present in sunflower oil.Can you use Sunflower oil for deep frying

Can you use Canola oil?

Canola oil is one of the best types of oil for cooking at high temperatures. It has a smoke point of 207 degrees Celsius. So, it is good for deep frying.

Moreover, high-healthy omega fatty acids are the valuable ingredients present in canola oil. You are also cutting back on saturated fats in the oil. So, do not worry about getting healthy and hygienic foods aside from safe cooking.use Canola oil

Canola oil has a high smoke point and a constant temperature. Canola oil will not harm you if your non-stick cookware is made with Teflon because canola oil spreads the right amount of temperature evenly throughout the cookware.

How good is Grapeseed oil for deep frying?

You can trust grapeseed oil if you want an outstanding performance when deep frying in your non-stick cookware. It is healthy because it is nearly cholesterol-free. However, grapeseed oil is low in saturated fat. The smoke point of grapeseed oil is about 240 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also a flavorless oil, like canola oil.How good is Grapeseed oil for deep frying

The oil can stay hotter for a longer period of time. So, cooking crispy and fried dishes may be perfect for it. The healthiest fats in grapeseed oil allow you to deep fry crispy food items without any health risks.

Can I use Olive oil on a non-stick pan for deep fry?

It is a common oil that can be used for several things, including cooking. Olive oil enhances the taste of our foods. However, it is a healthy option for cooking hygienic food items.Can I use Olive oil on a non-stick pan for deep fry

Olive oil has a stable smoking point also. Its smoking point is about 190–207 degrees Celcius. So, it is perfect for use in order to deep fry on non-stick cookware. Stir-frying and sautéing become good when you use olive oil.

Process of deep frying on a non-stick pan

Submerging foods under a significant amount of oil and frying them is easy using non-stick cookware. Now, we are going to present the easiest way to deep fry food. Choose the oil from above and pour in the perfect amount. Several deep-fried oil options include canola oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil.

Avoid preheating

Most people preheat the pan for a better cooking experience. But, heating an empty pan is not admirable if it is non-stick cookware. Moreover, when you want to submerge your food in oil, you must pour in enough oil. But, it increases the risk of spreading the oil outside of the cookware surface when you pour it into a hot pan. So, avoid preheating.

Allow medium heat

Deep frying on medium heat is perfect for good cooking on a non-stick pan. High heat can increase the oil temperature and may restrict the food frying deeply. So, do not go on high heat. Deep frying is not only for crispy foods but also for fish or meat. So, you should cook the food items slowly and gradually to a perfect temperature.Avoid preheating

Use a small amount of water

Your non-stick pan has a limited depth. You should submerge your food item under the water with it. But, when the amount of food is so high, it can not be submerged under the limited oil. However, when you are preparing food for your family members, it would be better to pour a limited amount of food onto the non-stick cookware.

There is another way of deep frying a lot of food in non-stick cookware. You can divide your foods into batches and fry them one at a time. The process will be helpful for submerging whole foods under the oil.

Suitable deep frying fry pans

Why do I always recommend cast iron for deep frying?

Cast iron frying pans have the best performance for deep frying. Their heat retention ability is so good that they can perfectly fry your food underwater. Cast iron pans can keep the frying food at a constant temperature. So, it is suitable to cook almost all types of food in oil. Moreover, the pans are indestructible and long-lasting. Many chefs keep cast iron pans as their first choice.

Is stainless steel cookware suitable for deep frying?

Stainless steel is conventional cookware for its outstanding performance. It is durable, healthy, leach-free, good-looking, environment-friendly, and user-friendly. The cookware is perfect for deep frying.

Stainless steel can be recommended as the second-best cookware for deep frying. So, if cast iron cookware is unavailable, you can choose it.

Is stoneware good for deep frying?

As a stiff and durable material, stoneware is one of the best cookware for deep frying. You can easily deep fry your fish and meat and enjoy the crispy taste of the food. However, stoneware is completely non-toxic, safe, and durable cookware.

Can you deep fry in an Always pan?

An always-pan is a suitable and perfect solution for deep frying. It is designed for cooking everything. The pan is durable and easily maintained. It assures a great performance even though you use it almost every day.

How good is an Always-pan for deep frying?

An always-pan is a valuable piece of cookware. It is a deep fryer, so it can cook foods in a large amount of oil. Moreover, an Always pan heats the cookware surface evenly and quickly.

Make sure the pan is broad and deep enough. So, when you start cooking, it will provide the space to cook the food with a large amount of oil. Even an empty pan can easily accommodate a large chicken. So, if you want a crispy chicken, you can easily prepare it with a pan.

Ideal cooktop for deep frying

Is it possible to deep fry on an induction cooktop?

Yes, of course. You can both fry and deep fry on your induction cooktop. It is too easy.

So, if you think using a stove or gas cooktop is not possible for you, you can keep your non-stick pan on your induction cooktop and prepare crispy foods.Is it possible to deep fry on an induction cooktop

But, you should remember that your cookware must have induction compatibility (magnetic base as the bottom). So, it can work with an induction cooktop.

What cooktops must be avoided for deep frying?

Stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, etc., can work on an induction cooktop. They are also suitable for deep frying.

But unfortunately, most non-stick pots and pans are non-magnetic. So, they are unable to place it on an induction cooktop. They fail to work with induction because of the absence of a magnetic base and its compatibility. Some high-quality non-stick pans are exceptional.

Final Thoughts

Although non-stick pans are not the best option for deep frying, they are not bad at all. There are some other options, like cast iron skillets, and they can do much better.

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