What type of cookware handle won’t get hot?

Cookware is a necessary element in our kitchen for daily life. We prioritize the material before buying the pots and pans. But do you know how important the handle of cookware is?

Some cookware handles get hot very quickly, and it is hard to cool them. The handles are uncomfortable because the chefs can not remove the pan randomly from the cooktop. So, it would be best if you used a pair of oven gloves to carry the cookware with hot handles.

In this article, we are going to learn about the fast cooling capacity of the different cookware handles.

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What types of cookware handles are best for heat-resistant?

There are various cookware handles made of different materials. But, all materials are not heatproof. If your pan handle is heat-protective, it must cool down very quickly. On the other hand, the absence of heat protection capacity makes the handle hot for a more extensive time.

Do stainless steel handles get hot?

Stainless steel is a popular cookware material for its beautiful outlook, sustainability, oven safety, induction safety, and even heating capacity. But what about the stainless steel handles? Do they get hot quickly? The answers depend on several features of stainless steel pots and pans.stainless steel handles get hot

All stainless steel handles do not stay cool. Solid cast and hollow core stainless steel handles are the two different handle types. On the other hand, different foods take different amounts of time to prepare. The following discussion clarifies the various stainless steel pans’ cooling discrimination.

  • Heating time

Stainless steel is a poor heat conductor material. It gets heat when you heat up the surface for a long time. Thus, the handles become hotter. So you need a handle heat protector.

  • Handle system

Several types of stainless steel have their own manufacturing differences. Hollow-core stainless steel has better heat protection. But, the solid cast stainless steel takes more time to cool.

So, the hollow-core stainless steel handles are easy to touch quickly after cooking. Moreover, it is lightweight and makes it easy to carry the cookware.

Do the wooden or plastic handles get hot?

The wooden and plastic handles are the best heat-resistant handles for any cookware. They have poor heat conduction capacity. So they do not get hot.wooden or plastic handles

But, if you use cookware with a plastic handle, you should be more careful. Heating the cookware for a long time may gradually damage the plastic handles. So, it would be best if you tried to control the heat.

Cookware Handle Types: Silicone /Plastic vs. Wood vs. Metal

Comparison Plastic/Silicone  Wood Metal
Heat-Resistant 350°C 400°C 500°C
Durability Low Medium High
Dishwasher-Safe Yes Yes No
Safety 85% 90% 95%
Oven Cooking Not Recommended Recommended Recommended
Stay-Cool Feature Yes Yes No

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Do you want both your pots and pans’ durability and a suitable handle? The good news is that both features are available in stainless steel cookware with a plastic handle.

Cast stainless steel has a problem with its cooling. It takes a lot of time. However, there is no chance for a plastic handle to get hot. Moreover, the stainless steel pans are durable and outstanding. So, stainless steel cookware with a plastic handle is the best solution.

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