How to Remove Stains and Burn Marks from Ceramic Frying Pan?

Frying pans are our essential everyday cooking items. Significantly, ceramic frying pans are attractive to look at and safe to use. They are durable, heavy, and non-toxic. As a result, ceramic frying pans are extremely popular all over the world. But the stubborn stains are reason enough to make cookware users worry. Even professional chefs become annoyed because of their cookware’s frequent scratches. As a result, some people frequently change their cookware. But, taking care of the cookware and solving the problems of stains can save them money.

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Easy Ways to Clean Stains and Burn Marks from Ceramic Frying Pan

Nothing is impossible! Just follow some easy steps and remove terrible burn marks and stains from your cookware surface.

  • Add some hot water to the cookware surface.
  • Keep the water on the pot for several minutes, and then throw it from the cookware. This step will remove the ordinary dirt from the surface. 
  • Add suitable cleaner in a specific amount. 
  • Scrub the cookware surface with a soft cleaning brush or cloth, especially the burn barks. 
  • Rinse the cookware with water and wipe with a soft and dry cloth. 

Several solutions are available to make the best use of keeping the cookware attractive. The burnt foods on the ceramic cookware are disturbing to use the pan next time, and it won’t clean up with simple handwashing. So, the user must use some different cleaning solutions.Today’s Price

  • Detergent and Hot Water

The most effective ingredient for removing stains and burn marks from the cookware is detergent and hot water solution. It works so efficiently that you won’t find any scratches on your cookware. 


First, boil some water in a bowl and heat it. Pour the hot water into the ceramic frying pan and mix some detergent. Stir the detergent and water mixture as the detergent/soap spreads throughout the frying pan surface. Now, place the frypan on your stove and start boiling the water for fifteen to twenty minutes. After that,  remove the frypan from the stove and let it cool down. Twenty minutes later, throw the water from your ceramic frypan when the entire mixture and the ceramic frypan cool. Take a soft sponge to wipe the whole cookware surface. Detergent and Hot Water For Cleaning Ceramic Pans

  • White Vinegar and Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common ingredient in cleaning cookware. Mixing it with vinegar will be a good cleaning solution to quickly remove stains and burn marks on your cookware.  


Take one tablespoonful of baking soda and sprinkle it on the cookware surface. Add a cup of water and half a cup of vinegar to the cookware surface. Now, boil the water, vinegar, and baking soda mixture for ten minutes. The process will help the ingredients react with the cookware’s burn marks and stains. Stop the stove and calm down the mix when ten minutes is over. Now throw it and wipe the cookware surface with a non-abrasive cloth. After a while, you will notice that the stubborn stains have been removed or decreased. White Vinegar and Baking Soda For Cleaning Ceramic Cookware

  • Salt

Salt is an expert cleaning solution. If you notice the stains on your frying pan are not massive, you can use salt to remove them quickly.


Pour such an amount of water as it covers the entire cookware surface. Now, add several teaspoonfuls of salt to the water and stir it. Remove the salty water after boiling it and wash the cookware surface with detergent. cleaning ceramic cookware

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Is using hydrogen peroxide as the cleaning solution for your ceramic cookware safe? Yes, because three percent of hydrogen peroxide reacts with the burnt food sticking on the cookware and cleans the entire surface. If the coating of the ceramic cookware surface becomes discolored, hydrogen peroxide also works for the problem. It is a famous material for removing the discoloration tendency by keeping the proper exterior condition of ceramic cookware.  

  • Dryer Sheets 

Do you want the simplest way to remove stubborn stains and burn marks from your cookware surface? You can use dryer sheets. You can use this simple process if you are busy and have little time to remove stains from your cookware. 


Place a dryer sheet on the bottom surface of your cookware. Pour a little amount of hot water over the surface. Now, wait for several hours. There is nothing to do at this time. So you can finish your other work. After a few hours, return to the cookware, remove the water and dryer sheets, and rinse the cookware efficiently. Now, wipe with a dry cloth to prepare the cookware.

Clean Burn Marks from Ceramic Frying Pan

Final Remarks

Removing stains and burn marks from ceramic cookware is not so difficult. Using some efficient ingredients can solve all the issues with your cooking utensils. Some components, including baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc., will be time-consuming, but they will make your cookware smooth. On the other hand, using salt or dryer sheets is the best way to save time, but they will be less efficient. The user must follow a specific cleaning process as per the cookware condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seasoning is an essential process for maintaining cookware’s perfection. It is a way of their longevity. Adding coconut or canola oil, heating the surface, and wiping it with a dry towel is a shortened description of the seasoning process. Generally, seasoning cookware once or twice a year is enough.  

Can I use steel wool on my ceramic cookware?

If you want your cookware sustainable, you should abstain from using steel wool, dishwasher, abrasive cleaners, or metal pads with your ceramic cookware. The circumstance of using the items can be harmful to your cookware surface. The abrasive materials will scratch your cookware and make it unable to use quickly. Simple use with handwashing is the best way to get the cookware’s longevity. 

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