Why do frypans have metal handles instead of plastic or wood?

A frypan’s plastic or wooden handles are suitable for their stay-cool feature. On the other hand, the metal frypan handles take a long time to release heat. So, undoubtedly, the plastic and wooden handles are easy to hold. Significantly, the plastic and wooden handles do not take any time to cool down, so you do not have to wait a while. But still, most of the pots and pans use metal handles. Why are metal handles so popular? Let’s find the answer.

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Why do pans have metal handles?

Everyone knows that the metal handles of cookware have an outstanding appearance. Although plastic and wooden handles are good to look at, those handles are not durable enough. So, users prefer pans with metal handles.

Metal cookware handles are oven-safe

The pans with plastic handles are recommended to place in an oven. The surface might be oven-safe up to a considerable temperature, but the plastic shell may damage soon.

However, the metal handles can withstand high temperatures. As a result, they are the best solution for attaching to your cookware and placing it in the oven.

Metal pans handles are durable

Metal handles last longer than silicone, plastic, or wooden handles. Suppose you use a plastic handle with your pan, but it breaks down quickly. Although your cookware has no problems, you have to change the grip. So it causes a lot of trouble. But a metal handle lasts as long as the cookware lasts. Sometimes, a metal handle lasts longer than the cookware surface.

Disadvantages of using pans with metal handles

Handles get hot quickly: The only disadvantage of metal handles is that they become hot very quickly. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to cool down. Suppose you bought a stainless steel pan with a beautiful stainless steel handle. When you are cooking, the handle gets hot along with the pan surface. After finishing the cooking, you have to remove the cookware from the stovetop. But it seems painful for you to touch the handle because it remains so hot.

Solution: Every problem should have an easy solution. Your pan’s handle is hot, but it is possible to hold it to remove the cookware from the stovetop. Just use a handle sleeve or cover to make the fry pan handle heat-proof.

What are handle sleeves/covers?

A fabric for holding the hot metal pans is called “handle sleeves” or “handle covers.”

There are different types of beautiful handle covers available on the market. You can buy them and wear your cookware’s handle as a cover to hold the handle safely. Use a thin cloth to make a handle cover if you know how to stitch.

Metal handles are the most recommended for their extreme sustainability. The handle covers/sleeves are solutions to get rid of the heat.

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