Is IKO Diamond Ceramic Pan Safe? Review with Pros & Cons

If you are new to the cookware market, you may be confused about buying a good product. But, when you purchase an Iko product, it will assure you of durability and a beautiful outlook. Significantly, the Iko diamond products are better than most others in terms of performance and many other aspects. Their non-toxic features and scratchless performance with metal utensils make them unique. That’s why we have decided to write a review on IKO Diamond Ceramic Pan.

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Price Range of Iko Diamond Pans

Generally, Iko diamond products range from $35 to $100. The price is comparatively high. But, up to a 15% discount is available on their several models. It makes buyers eager to buy excellent Iko products.Check Today’s Price

Quick Overview:


  1. The cutting-edge design of Iko amazes every user. 
  2. The diamond surface of Iko products becomes a sign of aristocracy. 
  3. Iko pans are both durable and gorgeous. 


  1. The products of Iko are slightly higher in price. 

Is Iko diamond pans safe?

All diamond pans of Iko are PTFE and Teflon-free. They have no toxicity. Moreover, Iko cookware allows you to get the healthiest foods. So, you do not need to worry about health issues using the Iko diamond products. Iko diamond pans

Do Iko blue diamond coatings scratch?

Iko’s products use more complex coatings on their blue diamond ceramic pans. The blue diamond coating has an attractive outlook and admirable sustainability. Maybe there is no possibility of scratching the cookware surface using metal utensils. Instead, it is better to use the cookware carefully for more prolonged use.

5 Best IKO Pure Diamond Ceramic Pans Reviews

Iko is a manufacturer of various cookware products. It produces cookware from different materials, including ceramic, copper, and diamond. Their products in different diameters are perfect for use in different aspects of a kitchen. 

Iko – Pure Diamond Ceramic 9.5-inch blue Pan Review

Iko offers us several categories of cookware. Their sizes and configurations give us a different experience of using several types of the same cookware brand. You will understand their usefulness after using them. The pure diamond ceramic 9.5-inch blue pans are examples of excellent cooking experience.Iko – Pure Diamond Ceramic 9.5-inch blue Pan Reviews

Nonstick Coating

The Iko Pure Diamond Blue pan has a beautiful nonstick coating. It removes the pan’s stickiness and keeps the pan’s attractive outlook.


Iko’s products are durable. Significantly, the diamond products of Iko have been excellent for a long time.

Oven Safety

You can cook your favorite dish in an oven with Iko diamond cookware. Iko diamond ceramic pans are oven-safe up to 550°F. As a result, while using the cookware, you can enjoy the appealing taste.

Induction and stove compatibility

Suppose there is induction at your home. All cookware does not work on an induction cooktop because of the lack of a magnetic connection. If your cookware has a magnetic bottom to connect with the induction, you can easily set it. Iko diamond cookware provides you with the possibility. It is also safe cookware for the stovetop that makes your food delicious.

Soft Touch, Comfortable Diamond Handles

Iko diamond cookware includes attractive and comfortable handles to carry the pans. The handles make the task easy when you must take the cookware held by hand after every cook. It keeps you free from the heat of the cookware.

Review of the Iko 12-inch Diamond Ceramic Fry Pan set

Now we will discuss another product of Iko that is popular for its outstanding performance. The 12-inch diamond ceramic blue fry pan is a fantastic set for users who like traditional cooking with an aristocratic flair. Its great outlook is admirable, but it is suitable for every cuisine.Iko 12-inch Diamond Ceramic Fry Pan Review

Genuine Forged Diamond

There are several cookware collections in the world. They are made with different materials. However, cookware made of more expensive materials is in high demand and popular among the elite. Significantly, diamond cookware gives great pleasure to aristocratic people. They can enjoy the extraordinary outlook of diamond cookware and feel a better cooking experience on a diamond surface.

Diamond Ceramic Coating in Two Layers

There are two layers of diamond and ceramic coating on the Iko 12-inch diamond ceramic fry pan. The combination of the coatings has an exceptional characteristic. They are related to providing optimal nonstick release performance of the cookware. It increases the unique searing capability of the cookware to prepare the perfect food for people.

Sufficient Size

Iko pans are available in various sizes. If the users are unsatisfied with the 9.5-inch blue pan, they can purchase the 12-inch diamond ceramic-coated blue cookware. It will be larger and better to use for cooking more foods at a time.


The price of the Iko 12-inch diamond ceramic blue pan is not as high as its benefits. It is $27, and if you consider the other products from Iko, you will find that the 12-inch Iko product price is affordable.

Soft-Touch Diamond Handle

Every Iko product has a common characteristic: its handles are comfortable to hold. Iko’s 12-inch diamond ceramic blue pan also provides a soft-touch diamond handle. It becomes cool after cooking and makes you heat-free even if the pan surface is hot.

Iko 8-inch Diamond Ceramic Frypan Review

If you need a small diamond ceramic frypan at a lower price, you can purchase the 8-inch diamond ceramic frypan from Iko. It helps prepare simple evening snacks for your family or guests.Iko 8-inch Diamond Ceramic Frypan Review


The Iko 8-inch frypan costs $21.99. It is comparatively affordable for less capable people. The price range allows people who can not afford the 12-inch fry pans to buy the cookware.

Iko Blue Diamond Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan/Skillet (8-Inch Frypan)

This product is a small-sized item to use at home to prepare simple snacks. It can meet the public’s demand at the lowest price among the Ico products.


The Iko Blue Diamond ceramic 8-inch fry pan is longer-lasting than the traditional frypans. Its durability attracts people to buy it. Its longevity is a reason for its popularity.

Affordable Price

The blue diamond ceramic nonstick 8-inch fry pan/skillet from Iko is the most widely available among the Iko products. It is $13.47.

Healthy Cookware

Iko 8-inch skillets are PFOA and PFOS-free. The manufacturer prepared it without using lead or cadmium. So, you do not need to worry about health issues while using this one.

Broiler and Oven-Safe

You can put your Iko Blue Diamond 8-inch skillet into an oven. It is oven and broiler-safe up to 850°F. The ability is better than many other skillets because most can not tolerate an oven temperature of more than 500°F. So, this product can fulfill your demand for comfortable cooking.

10-inch IKO Diamond Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan

Several sizes of a product attract customers of different tastes. They make different cuisines easy to prepare in various formats. Iko’s blue 10-inch diamond cookware is perfect in size and attractive in look with its blue color. This cookware can be a reason for pleasure because it is an excellent combination of diamond and ceramic.10-inch IKO Diamond Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan Reviews


Iko’s 10-inch diamond ceramic includes an average price. It is around $24.99 per piece, which is not too high for middle-class people. Its attractive material and durability are priceless. So, it is popular among cookware users.


Vast collections of cookware are available worldwide. If a buyer has no idea, he may be bewildered after going to a cookware market. The Iko Diamond Ceramic Pan provides a diverse cooking experience. Although it comes at a high price, Iko is worthy material for its outstanding performance.

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