Greenpan Vs Greenlife Cookware: Which One Is Better?

Most of the time, people confuse Greenpan and Greenlife cookware. These two different cookware brands have similar features, but they still differ. They are similar in that they both have ceramic pans with non-stick surfaces. This makes them convenient for healthy and safe cooking food and is easy to clean. Some of the differences include the material they are built with, the type of handle, and the level of heat resistance.

Greenpan Vs. Greenlife Cookware Comparison

In fact, Greenpan was created by the Greenpan company alone. At the same time, Greenlife was created by the cookware company, which is a merger between Greenpan and Anotech International, their main manufacturing partner. That’s why these two healthy cookware brands look very similar.

Differences Between GreenLife Soft Grip And GreenPan Lima Frypan

In this Greenpan Vs. Greenlife cookware brand comparison article, we are going to differentiate between Greenpan and Greenlife pots and pans sets. First, we will compare two popular cookware sets from each brand.

Features Comparison Chart


GreenPan Lima

Material Type Hard-Anodized Aluminum aluminum non-stick set
Oven safe Up to 428°F Low or medium heat (420ºF)
PFOA free Yes Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes Yes
Handle Type Stay-cool Bakelite with soft-touch Soft grip bakelite handles
Nonstick pots Yes Yes
Metal Utensils Safe Yes Yes
Thermolon ceramic nonstick coating Yes Yes
Price: Greenpan Vs GreenlifeCheck Price (My Choice)
Greenlife vs GreenpanCheck Price

To start with, the Greenlife ceramic non-stick cookware set is a handy and lightweight pan that has a ceramic aluminum body and a solid base. The aluminum layer makes sure that there is even heat distribution on the entire cooking surface. The ceramic surface forms a non-stick, scratch-resistant nature, which is extremely convenient. The ceramic and aluminum materials that make up this cookware set are extremely lightweight. As a result, Greenlife frying pans are more desirable for home chefs who dislike utilizing heavy cookware. Also, Greenpan valencia pro is more expensive than the regular model.

Summary of Contents

Meanwhile, GreenPan non-stick cookware comes with a Thermolon ceramic non-stick surface. As a matter of fact, the ceramic surface of Greenlife resembles Thermolon technology. Nevertheless, GreenPan has a durable construction that allows better performance for accurate temperature control and reliable cooking outcomes. But you can’t use them on induction cooktops. In addition, the exterior is very seamless to clean. Normally, Greenpan cookware sets are heavier than Greenlife fry pans.

Both Have Different Handles Construction

When you look closely, you will realize that GreenPan and Greenlife handles are slightly different. One of the similarities of the handles is that they stay cool and don’t get hot during cooking. But they have a lot of differences, such as the stainless steel handles on Greenpan cookware items are straighter and come with a white plastic section near the rear. But then, Greenlife comprises a soft ergonomic Bakelite handle.
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This handle is extremely smooth and comfortable to touch. With regards to their lightweight nature, Greenlife products provide better and more proper handling than Greenspan. As both have quality handles, the price is slightly high than T-Fal ceramic pots and pans.

My opinion: I would go with Greenlife ceramic cookware over Greenpan because the handles of Greenlife cookware perform better and stay cool on high heat.

Which Cookware Offers Easy Cleaning?

First of all, both of these ceramic non-stick cookware brands are oven-safe. Also, they are dishwasher safe, but it is not a good idea to wash them in the dishwasher machine. Instead, wash them by hand washing with the use of soapy water and dry them with a soft towel. To extend the pan’s life, you will have to allow them to cool down before washing them in soapy water. More so, manufacturers of Greenpan recommend washing off the cookware pots and pans by use of the hand or sponge.

Personal Recommendation: Greenpan pots and pans are easier to clean.

Size & Versatility

When you closely look at both GreenPan and Greenlife pans, they are almost the same size. GreenPan offers frying pans in three different sizes, which are 7 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. While Greenlife also offers three different pan sizes, which include 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. If you compare the two brands, you will find out that only the smallest sizes are different. But the other two sizes are the same. Also, both have glass lids for easy monitoring of foods.

Heat resistance

This is another vital factor to look at when selecting quality cookware. GreenPan cookware set can withstand high heat up to 850 degrees F, which is quite similar to Granite Rock Nonstick Frying Pans. This is great and makes the pan to be oven-safe. On the other hand, Greenlife can resist high temperatures, too.


Depending on what or where you want to use the pan, GreenPan or Greenlife may be your ideal choice. To begin with, Greenlife ceramic cookware is suitable for home chefs. This is because it is made of high-quality materials with cutting-edge technology. Also, it has ergonomic handles and a stay-cool Bakelite design for easy handling of the pans. The thermal coating offers great non-stick capabilities, while the thick base implies that there is even heat distribution.
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But if you are a person who loves to cook different kinds of food, then GreenPan may be the best brand for you. GreenPan cookware set has a hard-anodized aluminum that offers it a hard exterior and allows it to heat very fast. The patented Thermolon ceramic coating and great thermal conductivity mean that you can cook well in low settings. It assists you in preparing different kinds of food which don’t stick to the pan.

My Suggestion: Both cookware models are very reliable in performance, but Greenpan has more heat conduction than Greenlife. In my opinion, the winner is Greenpan in terms of performance.


Both of these cookware sets are safe to use for cooking different healthy meals. Greenan cookware sets are free of PFOA and PFAS chemicals. The healthy ceramic pots and pans sets are Lead and Cadmium free. In contrast, Greenlife is free of PFOA. These are dangerous chemicals and having cookware without them promotes healthy eating.

Our Final Recommendation- GreenPan or GreenLife?

If you don’t look closely at Greenlife vs. Greenpan cookware brands comparison, you might think that they are one thing. But a closer look will help you differentiate between the two. Greenlife is ideal for those who are looking for a stylish and comfortable design, while GreenPan is great for those searching for durable body construction with a more precise heating control.

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  1. is one brand without RIVETS inside the pans? Greenlife? The older I get, the more rivets are a big deal for me. a pain to clean around and, even when appear clean, they probably aren’t. Bacteria haven.

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