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Is Revere Ware cookware made of stainless steel or aluminum?

Revere Ware is famous US-manufactured cookware. There is some confusion about the raw material of Revere Ware cookware. People ask if it is made of aluminum or stainless steel. If you go to the root of Revere Ware cookware’s history, you may find out the answer. Paul Revere was the founder of the cookware brand, and he named it “Revere Ware Cookware.”

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Is Revere Ware cookware made of stainless steel or aluminum?

The initial materials for manufacturing Revere Ware cookware were copper and stainless steel. However, the cookware has recently been reintroduced with several new manufacturing materials. They are:

  • Stainless steel with a copper core
  • Traditional copper cookware with a clad bottom
  • Hard-anodized aluminum

What is Revere Ware tri-ply cookware made of?

Revere Ware is well-known cookware for its durable copper bottom. Moreover, the tri-ply Revere Ware cookware has a sandwich ply technology. A copper bottom with an aluminum core is an essential layer among the three. The aluminum core spreads the heat evenly to cook the food properly. Stainless steel is on both sides of the inner layer, which is non-toxic and beautiful.Revere Ware tri-ply cookware reviewsCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

Is Revere Ware Cookware toxic?

Before answering the question, there is another question—is stainless steel toxic? Generally, it is a popular cookware material for its beautiful appearance, durability, and non-toxicity. When the stainless steel coating scratches (it does not scratch quickly), some materials come out and mix with the food. They are chromium and nickel. But the materials are not toxic at all.

So, if you have no sensitivity or allergy to nickel or chromium, Revere Ware stainless steel cookware is totally non-toxic and safe cookware for you.

How can you clean Revere Ware cookware when it is burnt?

Using tomato paste is the best solution for cleaning burnt Revere Ware cookware. Arrange a small amount of tomato paste or ketchup and apply it to the cookware, including the burnt surface. You should apply the paste on the inside and outside of the cookware and wait 30 minutes. Now, rinse the pan with cold water and see the result. Some spots of the burnt area may remain after a significant burn. Don’t worry; mix baking soda and water equally and apply the mixture to the surface. The spots may decrease, and the cookware may look beautiful.


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