Top 4: What brands of cookware are made in the USA?

Isn’t it a delight to decorate your lovely kitchen with the best cookware on the planet? And probably a question is ticking on your mind about where you can find the world’s best kitchen cookware. Don’t be impatient because I am giving you the right answer. The products made in the USA are superior in quality and probably the best in the world. The USA-made cookware brands are known as the most ancient cookware brands on earth. The American-based cookware brands’ unrevealed cookware market specifications have left many people befuddled. But we have researched deeply and found that the brands are transferring their business overseas due to increasing production costs. But fear not. Some brands still manufacture cookware in America. This article will give a complete outline of the best USA-made cookware brands.

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Why is American-made cookware the best?

Products that belong to the USA are always regarded as the most premium quality products in the world, As most of the superior raw materials are vastly available in the USA. It is common among people, including netizens, to order products directly from the US-based outlet as the original US-made products are always worth the price due to their high brand face value. When it comes to cookware brand names, the most significant names are mostly from the USA, and that’s why it is a dream for some people to decorate their home kitchens with US-made gigantic products.   

What are the best cookware brands made in the USA?

The US has been the pioneer of all types of premium cookware items, and it has solidified the path to producing some of the signature cookware items in the world. They have mastered all cookware categories like signature stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic cookware, non-stick excellence, and copper cookware. In the next phase, I am going to disclose some USA-originated cookware brands with particular cookware categories,  

All-Clad: The king of Stainless Steel Cookwareall-clad pans

Background of All-clad cookware company

All-clad, the name says all it all, It was founded far behind in 1967, and since then, they have been established as one of the dominant giants in the cookware industry. But the special sector that they have mastered is the stainless steel category; in the early nineties, they were the single monopoly giants in the market. Since then, they have been operating their business with full success and have become one of the biggest names across the globe, including America.

Superior Cooking Performance

All-Clad has introduced the most charismatic cooking technologies in the market. This is called the bonded or multi-clad system, where two or more layers are forcefully bonded by applying immense pressure. They usually use copper, aluminum, or stainless steel for the cladding system. This cladding system makes the cookware superconductor of heat, can retain heat more than ever, and can control the temperature according to the demand of the recipe; all clad stainless steel is dishwasher safe, but they recommend cleaning these with hands for a better lifespan.

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All-clad products are compatible with all kinds of oven tops. You can use these on the oven, broiler, induction, gas, and many more. The fully clad thick layer of the cookware distributes heat at all corners, eliminating the hotspots. Moreover, All-clad showcases the ultimate performance in the culinary world.  

Outstanding Handle

When it comes to maintaining the overall weight of the entire cookware set, the handle comes to the rescue. This is one of the most prominent and noteworthy parts of cookware. All-Clad also has expertise in this arena. They use stainless steel handles in almost all of their products; This allows the stringent grip on the hand and looks super stunning. A heat dispersing cut-out is given that prevents excessive heat from flowing at the corner side of the handle where we touch them. There is a warning bump at the other side of the handle that helps to protect the hand from burning. All in all, they provide a strong, sturdy handle which is great in case of functionality.    Outstanding all-clad Handle

Remarkable Lids

The lids are also very much functional in steamed cooking, and they are tight-fitted to the flared rims so that air can not fly away from the pot. Usually, All-Clad pots and pans come with a transparent and clear lid that lets us check into cooking if it gets burnt.  

Product Value

All-clad is a high-end brand whose products do not seem that affordable as they use premium quality materials. They never cheat with the quality of their product. Using super-quality raw materials automatically increases the product’s price tag. If you are on a budget, you better check the All-Clad alternatives. 

Easy Maintenance 

Stainless steel is easy to clean, but there is a minor demerit that the products are not dishwasher safe. If you try to clean them in the dishwasher, then there is a real chance they might fade away or discoloration may occur. So if you maintain the proper care, then All-clad may provide you with the service for a long time.

What are the pros and cons of ALL-Clad USA-made cookware?

Though the strength portion is more dominant in the All-Clad products, the product has some minor demerits. Let us discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the All-Clad products, 

The strengths:

  • It has been one of the cookware giants for a long time in the market. All of them use pure American-grade raw materials in their products.  
  • Showcases a superior quality and cooking performance
  • It is perfect for all types of cooktops like gas, electric, burner, microwave, etc.
  • All-clad cookware can withstand temperatures more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • All the parts of the cookware are purely made with unique technologies. The ergonomic handles and the lids make it super exclusive in the market. 

The Weakness:

  • The All-clad cookware’s main demerits are its uncomfortable price tag. The products of this brand are pretty expensive. So it is not an ideal choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly product.
  • It would help if you had expertise in stainless steel cooking as they are much more prone to sticking and may get discolored over time.

USA-Made Lodge Cookware: An Unparalleled Giant of Cast Ironlodge cast iron cookware sets

About Lodge cookware company

The Lodge is the name of a multi-generational company that has been unparalleled in the world of cast iron skillets and other cast iron cookware products. They make other products like the works, Dutch ovens, griddles, grill pans, bakeware, and outdoor cookware, but they are firmly specialized in producing cast iron skillets. They are the oldest cast iron cookware manufacturing company in the USA, established in 1896. The brand increases the standard of cast iron so high that almost no other competitor in the market can match them.   

Materials and Construction Quality

You cannot forget cast iron as it is the most superior in quality, thickness, and durability. Cast iron is a mixture of pig iron, rot iron, steel, and many more durable heat-conductive items, and this material is so tough that it can withstand almost 600 degrees Fahrenheit on the oven top. This product is almost non-corrosive and not reactive to oxygen.   

Remarkable Cooking performance

Cast iron is generally not for beginners; mainly, professional chefs and expert cooking masters use this item for cooking. Maintaining the proper temperature is really tonight in the cast iron cookware, But when you understand the game, trust me, no other player will be more efficient than you. Cooking in cast iron is a dream joy to chefs; it gives the proper look and texture to the cooking. And if you are at a barbeque party or going to the tracking, cast iron cookware may be your most helpful companion. Lodge provides the ultimate cooking experience to the users.

Review & Price

Variety in sizes and types

Perhaps cast iron provides the most varied range of products. You can pick the products according to your needs and requirements, and Lodge has produced tons of products for the convenience of the customers. You can find skillets, dutch ovens, griddles, grills, cast iron bakeware, and many more. Mainly no other company will provide you with this wide range of indoor and outdoor products which Lodge offers you.     

Fascinating Handle

Lodge has a unique range of designs, and the specialty is that they use cast iron to make the entire portion of the skillet. In general, we see that the companies make the main body with particular materials, and for the handle, they use other materials. In that case, a rivet is necessary to hold the pans, but the entire body is made with cast iron, including the handle. So no rivet is necessary here. The rivet-less design outsmarts the regular skillets’ monotony; thus, cast iron is the ultimate product in modern cooking.

Attractive Product Pricing

The tremendous part of the Lodge cast iron cookware is that the product pricing is within reach of the customers. They produce budget-friendly products. When the hybridization process makes the cast iron and materials mixed together, this way of manufacturing the products helps to cut down the product pricing. Isn’t it a joy that you are getting a USA-made product within your affordability? 

The advantages and setbacks of using Lodge pots and pans

Though Lodge is the most fantastic cast iron manufacturer In the USA, it has some minor drawbacks that I felt that I must share with my readers, 

The Positive sides:

  • The Lodge is the most dominant cast iron cookware provider in the USA and has maintained its quality and control for a century.
  • The superior quality of the Lodge cast iron cookware is that it is the cheaper cookware item in the market while maintaining the ultimate American grade.
  • Cast iron is the most superior heat distributor, and it has a tremendous heat retention capability. 
  • It is mainly used in cooktops like broilers, ovens and gas burners, and many more.
  • This cookware set is compatible with all utensils like metal, aluminum, and steel. It is excellent for the searing and browning of meats and fish.     

The Setbacks:

  • Cast iron is much heavier than most cookware, so it is difficult to handle for some reason.
  • If you do not take good care of the cast iron skillet, there is a chance of rusting. 

Nordic Ware: An Unmatched name in the Non-Stick section

History of Nordic Ware cookware company

Nordic ware is a genuinely originated company in the USA. They started in 1946 in Minnesota, MN. It is one of the most well-known companies that originated in the USA, as it has become an unmatched name in the non-stick cookware world.Nordic Ware cookware

Superior Cooking Performance

Unlike the best non-stick cookware companies like Calphalon, Nordic ware has also mastered the non-stick sector. Nordic ware uses premium quality materials to produce their biggest signature cookware and non-stick bakeware products. They showcase the best performance in the culinary world. The exterior is made with pure aluminum that conducts the heat super fast, and the interior comes with a durable non-stick coating. According to the customers’ reviews and experts’ opinions, Nordic ware is the best US-made non-stick company.   

Startling Varieties

Nordic ware is widely known for its signature products like the non-stick skillet, Flat bakeware, Nordic ware non-stick frying pan, Nordic ware cookware, and many more. But, there is a tiny fact that not all their products are manufactured in the US. Some of the products, like the Non-stick skillet and frying pans, are produced in China to minimize labor costs. But don’t worry, you can get premium-quality non-stick cookware and bakeware produced solely in the USA.    

Authentic Handle

The handle portion is super sleek, and they have not paid much attention to the handle as it doesn’t look trendy. It’s just a simple addition to the cookware. They coated the handle with silicone to not get too warm while cooking. There is a simple hole given at the last corner so that you can hang the pan on the kitchen shelves. The rivets of the cookware are also non-sticky, so they do not hold rust and stain.

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Simple Cleaning and maintenance

We know that cleaning non-stick cookware or pans is not that difficult as they have a super smooth non-stick coating on the interior and aluminum at the bottom or exterior of the pan. So it is comfortable to maintain the cleanliness of the cookware, But you may be disappointed to know that these are not dishwasher safe. Nordic ware suggests that you should clean the cookware with soft foam with regular dish soap and water; avoiding the dishwasher may increase the life span of the cookware. 

What are the benefits and drawbacks?

There are some common and minor mistakes that all companies make intentionally or unintentionally; Nordic ware is not free from all sorts of mistakes. Their signature products are one of the best-selling products in the market in the Us and overseas. Here I am explaining some good and bad sides of the company. 


  • The best part of this company’s products is that the non-stick cookware comes of the greatest quality and never sticks food to the inner surface.
  • The product’s shape is so accurate that it does not warp in the oven, and the weight is uniformly distributed. 
  • One of the most prominent aspects of the Nordic cookware is that it is oven-safe up to 400-degree Fahrenheit
  • Handles are constructed so that it does not get hot during cooking. A temperature-cutting loop also prevents the heat from dispersing at the handle.
  • The products are super light, so handling the pans and skillets is easy during cooking. The Nordic ware products are comparatively cheap, and it fits your budget.  


  • One of the main problems of Nordic ware cookware is that it is not that durable and is not dishwasher safe. 

Brooklyn American Cookware Brand Review

Background of Brooklyn cookware company

Brooklyn copper cookware company is one of those companies that follow the old-fashioned and vintage process of making cookware, and it is an artisan, hand-made, traditional copper company In the USA. The Brooklyn cookware company originated in the US. Still, now, they are operating as a successful copper cookware company.Brooklyn American Cookware Brand Review

Pioneering Construction

The Brooklyn cookware is usually made with copper, tin, and iron conjugation, which gives it pure strength. They have a traditional tin lining with a cast iron helping hand. The cookware brand manufactures its products by following the old traditional manner. They claim that their products are free from all sorts of toxic contents like lead, cadmium, and other harmful chemicals. Their tin lining is one of the ancient types of cookware-producing methods in the world. So they have a brand value and have sheer demand among the customers. 

Professional Cooking performance

Copper is genuinely a good conductor of heat, and they don’t show the hotspots. Even heating is one of the greatest advantages of copper cookware. Cooking In Brooklyn, copper cookware is a pure delight to professional chefs. The copper cookware is heavy-duty, allowing meat and fish to sear and brown evenly. It retains the heat pretty well and conducts the heat in a lightning-fast manner. All in all, the hiking performance is up to the mark in the copper cookware.    

Quality Handle

The handles of the Brooklyn cookware company are actually made with cast iron which gives it a solid and robust outlook. The Cast iron handle with golden copper design looks ultra-modern and super harmonious. The handles with the entire cookware weigh pretty heavy that showcasing spectacular heating performance In cooking.

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The Highs and Lows We Found

Copper cookware is always considered one of the most trusted and durable cookware in the market. People have used this since ancient times, and gradually time flows. Modern copper cookware companies have significantly raised the standard of copper cookware. Let’s discuss some of the highs and lows of the Brooklyn copper cookware,

Positive Reviews:

  • Brooklyn copper cookware is an excellent thermal conductor of heat. The chefs vastly use copper cookware for sauteing and cooking. Some cookwares have a copper bottom and lining around the heating surface that also is super demandable to the customers. 
  • Brooklyn Copper cookware is one of the best materials for its adhesion. You can clad this material to any of the materials, and it will stick tightly with that other metal; this increases the durability of that cookware.
  • Brooklyn  Copper cookware is unique In design. It can reimagine the ancient legendary cooking experience.

Negative Reviews:

  • Copper is highly reactive with other materials, so there is a chance of leaching the copper from the cookware’s surface. 
  • Brooklyn Copper cookware is a big-budget company, so the products may not seem within reach of your budget.

USA-Made Cookware- More Options

You have already gone through our top 4 recommended USA-made cookware brands. Now there are more options you can choose from below.

Great Jones cookware:

  • The cookware is made with non-reactive cast iron and steel metal, which is safe.
  • All the pots and pans have better durability and lifespan.
  • Handles are easy to grab and twist.
  • The surface is not as smooth as ceramic. So, sometimes it might scratch or stick.
  • Heat tolerance up to 500 °F.
  • The cost is reasonable.

Stargazer Cookware:

  • The cookware is safe and non-stick.
  • It’s a non-reactive material. So it won’t change the food’s taste.
  • The durability is better than ceramic or aluminum cookware.
  • It takes time to heat up the pans.
  • Its longevity, heating capacity, lightweight design, and beautiful outlook will satisfy you.

Viking cookware:

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  • The Viking is another luxurious cooking set. It uses the latest SAS technology (stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel).
  • Its stay-cool ergonomic handle is easy to twist and flip.
  • The pots and pans are oven and induction compatible.
  • The price is a little higher compared to regular pans.
  • Oven safe up to 600°F

Command Performance Cookware:

  • All pots and pans have a unique outlook.
  • Crystal clear glass lids allow you to see what is happening inside.
  • Healthy, non-toxic, and safe
  • All the pots and pans have better longevity (around 2-3 years).

Thyme and Table Cookware:

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  • Double-riveted silicon handles are super comfortable.
  • It can tolerate heat up to 500°F.
  • All the pots and pans are broiler and grill compatible.
  • Safe, PFOA-free cookware set
  • It offers beautiful color variations.

Kutime cookware:

  • Made with food-grade aluminum, which is non-reactive and safe
  • The pans are oven-safe up to 450°F.
  • You can clean the set with a dishwasher, but hand washing is recommended.
  • Don’t use any metal utensils.

Cajun Classic cookware:

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  • Made of cast iron, which is non-reactive and leach-free.
  • Both oven (up to 350°F) and induction safe
  • The thick and heavy structure requires some extra time to heat up.
  • Seasoning needed
  • The price is also affordable

Summing Up

The USA-made products are always aristocratic and rich in quality. There is a huge demand for USA-made products all over the world. A gigantic amount of cookware belongs to the USA, and you may be deceived in choosing between those products; if you carefully go through this article, your brain may develop a clear picture of the best USA-made cookware brands. If your choice is stainless steel, you should undoubtedly go for the All-clad cookware brand, and if you are fond of cast iron skillets, then no other brand is better than Lodge.

For the non-stick section, you can go for the Nordic ware brand, and, last but not least category, For copper excellence, Brooklyn is there to serve you. Now the choice is yours which brands satisfy your need. Research is important before choosing the best USA-made product for your kitchen, and I believe that this article proves to be salubrious to help you find the best of the best USA-made cookware.

Some other USA-made cookware:

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