Is Great Jones cookware worth it? In-depth review with pros and cons

Now many people love fancy cookware in their kitchens. Modern people love to decorate their kitchen with excellently designed pans, pots, etc. if you are tight on budget and want to decorate your kitchen, then Great Jones is the best match for you. Because this cookware is very colorful and stylish, just like your preference, but don’t think cheap cookware is not durable. This USA-based cookware company provides the best quality pots and pans. And they don’t compromise the quality of any tableware.

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About Great Jones cookware brand 

First, let’s take a small tour of the Great Jones brand. This brand startup is not so old, but its unique design and robust quality made them famous for a bit of time. In 2018 two best friends came up with a great plan to decorate the kitchen with fantastic products. Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis are the owners of this Great Jones cookware. They named their company Judith Jones. She was a great cookbook writer, and the company tried to memorize her name forever with their brand.

What do I like about Great Jones Cookware?

The main feature of this Great Jones cookware is that they designed each cookware with the help of some famous cook leaders in the USA. If you love cooking, you know what kind of cookware you need. So they experimented with every possibility to design kitchen-friendly cookware. They don’t only think about their design but also use excellent quality metal as the interior of any cookware. Any customer can easily buy this product directly from their websites, so you don’t need to pay extra money to the middleman. There are also some excellent qualities of this brand discussed further:great jones review

Non-Reactive Basic Metal:

The Great Jones’s primary metal is stainless steel and cast iron. Think about cast iron and steel if you are a cooking item shopaholic. Both are ubiquitous metals used in many cooking products. Cast iron and stainless steel are effortless to use and very easy to clean. And the great Jones used ceramic coats and enamel as their exterior. Cooking directly in iron or steel is not suitable for health. Because sometimes acidic food can react when it comes into the pan. So ceramic and enamel ensure excellent food quality.Nonreactive Basic Metal

Excellent Durability:

The Great Jones came with a lifetime warranty. I think this can easily give an idea about their cookware standard. Stainless steel and cast iron are excellent for any cookware. In some of their products, they also use aluminum. This metal is straightforward to find and also very durable. The ceramic and enamel coat is solid to destroy quickly. This outer side is also elementary to use in high temperatures. This inner and outside element ensures the durability of your kitchenware.

Comfortable Handle:

The handle is one of the most attractive features of every model. The Great Jones uses the handle very cleverly. Most regular cookware handles attach with a screw or rivet or seams. This place often stuck with food and made it a significant area for bacteria. So this stuck food is harmful to your health and gets a stain on the handle side, which is ugly. Great Jones HandleBut in every cookware of the Great Jones, they welded the handle with the central part. This handle enhances the look of cookware, and you don’t have to worry about any germs in those areas. This type of handle is also easy to clean. And the oversize handles are easy to carry with any oven mitt with four fingers.

Attractive Design and Color:

If you find some fancy color cookware in the market, you can rarely see it, which is also very expensive. But the great Jones tries to make it a very affordable price. And the first look I think is enough for your attention. They use some great colors in every design. And the welded handle also increases its beauty. There are a few color variations you get in any cookware in the Great Johns. My favorite is the taffy one, like salt, pepper, broccoli, marinara, etc. I think this cookware is designed to match your kitchen color. 

Easy Maintenance:

This beautiful colorful cookware is low maintenance. The pan or ditches are dishwasher friendly. That means after cooking, you throw the pan into the dishwasher, and your job is done. But sometimes, it can scratch your pan and discolor it. If you care about your kitchenware, they try to wash it by hand. This nonstick pan is effortless to clean, and the handle is also welded. So there is no chance to stick food in there. For the hand wash method, don’t use a hard scrubber. It can destroy the outer safe zone. If it happens, then your pan will be good for nothing. So if you love your cookware and money, don’t be harsh on them.

Budget-Friendly Set:

Let’s talk about your budget then. If you are a cheap cat and want stylish, trendy, and beautiful cookware for your kitchen, don’t worry; Great Jones is there for you. I know you think it’s cheap, is it good or not? Let me assure you that this is an excellent quality product on this budget with beautiful finishing. If your budget is under 200$, you can find everything here. The most exciting part of Great Jones direct is the product from their company. You don’t need to pay any extra penny. And buying from the origin makes sure the authenticity of the product.Budget Friendly Great Jones cookware Sets

What are the pros?

  • Affordable in price
  • Many color options
  • Use high-quality metal in the interior
  • Flat bottom help to heat the pan evenly
  • Easily washable in the dishwasher
  • Exterior ceramic and enamel coats provide a safe and healthy meal. Also, both ceramic and enamel cookware is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Welded handle, easy to clean
  • Came in various sizes, you can find a suitable plan for your nuclear or large family in one store
  • Over the wide and longtime cool handle
  • No rivet was used in the handle, and no bacteria took place there

What are the setbacks?

  • Oval shape Dutches don’t heat up evenly on the stovetop
  • Only a small fry pan came with nonstick finishing

Top 3 high-quality Great Jones cookware reviews

The Great Jones started in 2018, and it’s not such an old brand. But their design and quality make them different from any other cookware company. So let’s take a look at some famous products of the Great Jones:

Great Jones Dutchess cookware review

The attractive feature you like is its oval shape. It’s tough to find this shaped cookware in the market. The dutch oven pan is an enamel-coated cast-iron pan. A chicken can easily fit into it. And there are seven matte finished colors available in the pan, and this pan perfectly fits into the stovetops. The flat bottom also helps to distribute heat evenly. This pan comes with a lid, so you don’t need to buy it separately. The most exciting part of this cookware is that it’s very light. And now, lightweight cookware is very easy to use and handle in daily cooking. You don’t have to keep it in the pantry, that’s why. And this pan is oven safe.

But don’t cook over 500°F because that temperature is harmful to the outer coat of the pan. If you cook it at such a high temperature daily, it can quickly destroy the safe zone. And this can be harmful to your health. If your budget is under 2004, you can get this pan easily.

Great Jones Dutchess cookware review King Sear pots and pans from Great Jones 

This seasoned skillet is cast iron cookware. Cast iron is solid, so think about the durability of the skittle. It also has a thick clad on its bottom side. Even a flat bottom makes a perfect choice for any stovetop. This pan is also suitable for the oven. But you can’t wash it in the dishwasher. It would help to clean the pan by hand with a mild scrubber.King Sear pots and pans Review

You find three color options in this pan. They are blueberry, mustered, and broccoli. The price remains the same in every color variant. If you belong to a large family, this pan is the perfect choice for you. Otherwise, you can also use it occasionally. But you need to clean the pan carefully. This pan is pre-seasoned. But if you use it regularly, don’t forget to season it after some time. You can season it quickly at home, add some vegetable oil to it and throw it in the oven for some time.

Final Thoughts

I think the Great Jones proved their best in every step. You don’t question their quality, design, and features. They fabricated a perfect match for your kitchen and noticed every uncomfortable situation. They try their best to solve this. For me, this is the ideal cookware for every kitchen.


  • What materials are used in Great Jones cookware?

The Great Jones cookware is perfect for frying, cooking tomato sauce, or pasta. So the pan can get touched by some acidic food. And these are made with high-quality cast iron. This interior coat with enamel or ceramics creates a safe zone from any reaction between pan and food. So you don’t need to worry about changing the color or taste of the food.

  • Is Great Jones cookware induction safe?

Yes. A heavy clad is attached to the bottom side of the pan. That ensures you can use the pan in the induction.

  • Did the handle of Great Jones cookware get heated?

The Great Jones uses stainless steel to cool the handle while cooking in the induction or oven. But if you use it in the oven, it will heat up. So before touching the handle, please wear an oven glove. 

  • Is Great Jones cookware good?

Most of the pots and pans are made of either stainless steel or cast iron. So the cookware is safe and non-reactive to acidic foods.

  • Where is Great Jones cookware made?

The structural designs are made in the USA, but their manufacturing plants are located both in China (Guangdong & Tianjin) and the USA.

  • Where can I buy Great Jones cookware?

You can find their cookware models on their own e-commerce site. Though it is a DTC brand, you can also get it from local or online stores.

  • Is Great Jones cookware still in business?

Yes, it is a direct-to-consumer brand that has been in business since 2018.

  • Who owns Great Jones cookware?

Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis are the owners of this famous cookware brand. They are childhood friends.

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