How do you clean discolored enamel pots and pans?

One day, you go to the market, and in the kitchen aisle, your eyes fall on fabulous enamel cookware, and you buy that pan immediately. But after some time, you notice a stain on the pan. I know it makes you sad. But do you know that cleaning enamel cookware is much easier than cleaning other regular pans or pots? So don’t spoil your mood and read all about the possible easy method for the cleaning process of any discolored or stained enamel cookware.

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What is this Enamel Cookware?

Before cleaning and storing the cookware, let’s learn about this enamel cookware. This type of kitchenware is mainly produced with aluminum, steel, and, most commonly, iron in the interior, and it has a beautiful enamel coat on the exterior interior. This enamel comes in powder form. In the base of the cookware, pour and melt the powder to seal the secure coat. Enamel cookware is very safe for cooking because the bond between the exterior and interior doesn’t break down easily under high heat. That ensures the quality of your food. And as for this characteristic, you can easily use it in your oven.

Some helpful kitchen tips: How to clean discolored enamel cookware?

After using the enamel pan, you notice some stains on it. Don’t worry about that, because you can easily remove the strain from the pan with some home remedies and, if you want, you can also buy some stain-cleaning products from the market. Let’s see some cleaning procedures for the enamel cookware that won’t destroy the upper safety layer:

  • Baking Soda: 

Baking SodaI know that every kitchen pantry is not filled without baking soda. And you also know that it is an excellent stain remover. Yes, it also helps you clear the strain from the pan in the kitchen. Hydrogen peroxide is famous for its cleansing characteristics. Baking soda is one of its forms. And I know every kitchen has one packet of this powder. So, first, fill your pan halfway with water and add the soda. You can use hot water if you want. The baking soda contains alkaline, breaking the pan’s stubborn acidic stain. Rest it for a while, and I hope this process will help you clean up the mess quickly.

  • DIY cleanser:

Yes, you can customize your cleaning process at home. You need baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a soft scrub like mister cleanser magic master. Just pour some hydrogen peroxide into the pan and throw it on the stove. Heat the liquid in the pan. After some time, add the baking soda, and you will notice the bubbles burst into the pan. Don’t worry, and keep boiling the mixture. After some time, turn off the stove and leave the pan for a minimum of 30 minutes; the longer you leave it, the better it gets. After that, gently scrub the pan with your soft nylon scrubber. And you get the best clean pan ever, and it looks like you just ought to pan, I’m sure.

  • Scrubbing: 

ScrubbingScrubbing is the primary cleansing process of every piece of cookware, from typical to sensitive types. If food is stuck at the bottom of the pan, try to scrub with a wooden spoon to clean up the mess; you can also use a soft nylon material scrubber to remove the tough elbow grease. But don’t think about a hard scrubber; it not only clears your stain but also destroys the cookware safety coat of enamel. You can also use mild dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent with an abrasive cloth.

  • Lemon and salt:

Salt and LemonLemon is also famous for its acidic reaction. This action is also suitable for your kitchen. Just like that, lemon can help you clean your kitchen appliances. And every freezer has lemons in it. So soak your pan with lemon juice for about 30 minutes. After that, rub very slowly with some salt. I think this can help you with the discoloration problem of cookware.

  • Laundry Detergent:

Laundry DetergentIf you don’t find the above things in your kitchen, you can use laundry detergent. Yes, this is also a perfect option to remove the spot from cookware. You need to make detergent and fill up the pan with water. Then boil the pan with water for some time, and after that, cool it down slowly. When the water comes to room temperature, wash the pan with normal water. And your pan is now gleaming and as good as new.

  • Chemical Abrasive:

You know, cleaning is now effortless nowadays. Because you can find many ready-made kitchen cleaners on the market, these also come at very affordable prices. Just like that, you also find many abrasive cleansers designed only for cleaning cookware. You can find it in many types. Some are powder, some are liquid, and some also come with a spray system. These are helpful for hard stains. You need to follow the steps they give with the product. If you follow it step by step, you can easily clean the discolored pan and make it just like a new one.

These are the best options for cleaning your discolored pan very quickly. I think each and every method will help you in the future in the kitchen.

How to prevent enamel cookware from discoloring?

We will discuss how to clean the pan if you get a stain. Enamel cookware is good-looking, but it is also quite expensive compared to other regular utensils. This product is durable if you work with it carefully and store it properly. So let’s discuss how to use the pan, so you don’t end up with a discolored pan:

Hand Washing: Always try to clean the cookware with a hand wash method because sometimes old stains or spots are hard to clean. You don’t have to worry about the aged mess if you regularly clean it.

Avoid Metal Spoon: Don’t use a metal spoon for cooking because the pointy spoon can quickly destroy the upper enamel coat, allowing food to come into contact with inner metal that can change the taste or color of the food. Sometimes it makes the food toxic. So try to use silicon or a wooden spoon for cooking.

Don’t Cook On High Heat: Always try to cook on medium to low heat. I know that high heat doesn’t break the exterior coat of enamel. But cooking at high temperatures daily also harms the skin. Eventually, it weakens the outer seal, and after some time, it can easily break down. After that, the pan is not usable. It destroys your pan and costs some money, so try to cook on medium heat. It is suitable for your pan and saves gas, which is good for the environment.

Final Verdict

The main attraction of enamel cookware is its look. When you go cookware shopping, I bet you’ll fall in love with enamel cookware at first sight because it’s so beautiful and also makes your kitchen more modern. It enhances the decoration of your cooking area. Who doesn’t love to cook in a polished kitchen? That’s why you came with enamel cookware. But don’t worry about keeping it beautiful for a long time because I told you how to keep the pan just like new. And if you end up with a discolored spot, you can also remove the spot very quickly. So, don’t think of enamel cookware as a high-maintenance appliance; it’s just like any other nonstick cookware. So you can easily add beautiful enamel cookware to your kitchen.

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