Waterless cookware: An excellent solution for your modern kitchen

I know that shopping for a kitchen is a difficult job for everyone. When you find new cookware in that cookware aisle, I know you will find different types of tableware here. I think the waterless pot attracts all your attention. So you have tons of questions running through your mind. How to cook, the advantages, how much it costs, etc. You also get a vibe from the name that this cookware is used without water or significantly less water and oil—the food is healthy for your family. So without wasting time, let’s learn about this waterless pot. Is it going to be a perfect partner for your kitchen or not?

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How to use waterless cookware?

Cooking in waterless cookware is very easy. First, take your vegetables or meat into the pot. Then turn on the stove at medium heat. This time, open the steam control valve. Don’t forget this. Then add a little bit of water so that the food doesn’t stick to the pan. When you hear the whistle of the steam control valve, turn down the heat and close the valve after completing the lid work as an airtight top. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Then open the steam valve and release the extra air from them. Then your meal is ready. You don’t need to add any oil or butter to it.

How to Choose the Right Waterless Cookware?- Some Popular Models

There are some excellent cookware brands you can find in the market. I can give you just some famous brands from them;

  • Duxtop,
  • 360 stainless steel cookware,
  • Cuisinart,
  • Maxam,
  • Chef’s Secret,
  • Calphalon, etc.

What is the waterless cooking process?

I know you were surprised about the process of cooking without water. So for your information, yes. You need a little bit of water for your waterless cooking process, sometimes no water indeed. The oil and grease are unusable for you in any recipe. So if you love some nutritious food, then dry pots are perfect for you. The cookware lid is very tight to seal the vapor into the cookware. Now let’s see what the process of arid is.

  • You need to throw the pan into the stove on medium heat. But open the steam control valve.
  • You can add a small amount of water into the pan if you need to cook rice or another type of food. But for vegetables, you don’t need to add any water.
  • After you notice the whistle of the control valve, turn down the stove heat deficient and close the steam valve.
  • The lid seals the heat into the pot. Then you need to wait for 15-20 minutes, remove the top, and do the cooking. 

Why do you need waterless cooking?

You may think, why do you need the waterless cooking process? The first thing about this method is that it’s very healthy because you don’t add any extra water. And the cooking process also seals the moisture from the food you cook inside the pan. The tight lid of the pan mainly fills the food’s moisture and prevents the nutrition from vaporizing. If you love some delicious healthy food, you love the waterless process because no fat, grease, or butter is added to your meals to ensure the outstanding quality of food.

What is waterless cookware?

Water resistant cooking You want to cook aired food, and you also need a water-resistant appliance for your kitchen. This tableware makes extra features, only for cooking without water and oil. Some unique features of this type of cookware are:

  • Additional thick cladding in the bottom,
  • High-quality stainless steel is the main exterior of the pan. But many famous brands also use “Surgical stainless” as their upper side. Which mainly prevents any metallic reaction with the food. That also ensures the excellent quality of your meal.
  • You don’t need to add any butter or oil or any grease.
  • Need minimum water for some meals like rice, pulses, etc.
  • Cooking time is also faster than other utensils.
  • Require low temperatures.
  • A lid also comes with the package, allowing compressed air to seal from cooking.
  • Expensive from regular cookware.

Primary materials of the Waterless cookware

This type of utensils is a result of some mixed materials. This cookware is built with copper or aluminum. The total base is coated with stainless steel or surgical steel. An extra layer of iron is also added with the base of copper or aluminum. A tight lid is also used to seal the moisture into the pan.

What is Surgical Stainless Steel?

You also noticed the surgical steel and got curious about this. How does it help ensure food quality? This kind of steel is an essential item for any biomedical application. This steel also helps food from any reaction like changing the taste or smell like metal as you cook it in the iron cookware. This food reaction is also not good for health. The non-stick pan is also harmful to health. Because they use a Teflon coat as their exterior coating, surgical stainless steel is safer than the standard non-stick cookware set. This type of steel is more food graded than ordinary steel. That’s why surgical or 300 series steel is more expensive, making this cookware costly.

What is heavy cladded used in waterless cookware?

Clad in the thick bottom side of the cookware. In waterless cookware, waterless cookware used heavy comprehensive covers at the bottom. The bottom base is also used for a reason. For cooking without water, you need steam also to catch the vapor. The exterior is also thicker than the bottom. That’s why the side vegetables also get the same temperature as the bottom. This heavy also clad very essentially for stocking the heat into the pot. This shimmer heat is mainly essential for cooking food properly. You need low heat on the stove for your cooking.

Advantages of using waterless cookware

Advantages of using waterless cookwareYou know about the specialty of the aired cooking process. Let’s learn about how can this kind of cookware helps you in the kitchen:

  • Healthy: These food-grade cooking utensils are very cleverly designed. They used surgical steel that ensures the food quality you cook in the pan. You don’t need oil or butter for your recipe. That’s a great source of healthy food. The tight lid also helps to catch all the nutrition to stock the nutrition fume.
  • Fasten the cooking: The cooking process of this kind of utensils is very fast from the regular cooking pan. Because the bottom and side heat up evenly. So you get a healthy meal in a short time.
  • Extra lid: Sometimes, many cookware comes without any top, which causes you some difficulties. But this waterless cookware comes with a tight lid, but you can’t use it for another pan.
  • Low temperature: Low temperature is a must step in the cooking process. You think it can slow the cooking process but not. This temperature also saves gas. So it also saves money.
  • Safety: Cooking into the surgical steel is also safe. That’s why you don’t need to worry about mixing iron or Teflon into your food. 
  • Low maintenance: The cookware’s surface is flat. That’s why this is very easy to clean. And you need to cook the food in intense heat. So you don’t have to worry about burning or sticking food into the pot. And that’s why you don’t need to scrape the pan.
  • Durability: I know the price of any waterless cookware is very high. But it came with a lifetime warranty. That means if you store it properly, you can use the utensil for a decade.
  • Granted quality: You don’t need to worry about the quality of this waterless cookware. You can buy the cookware from any company directly from their website. There is no mediator involved with customers and products. and that’s why you don’t need to waste any extra cost. 

Setbacks of the Waterless pots and pans

Disadvantages Waterless pots and pansEvery product has its merit with demerits. Just like this waterless cookware, it also has disadvantages. Like;

  • Expensive: this kind of tableware is more costly than the regular one. But I think it’s worth it for every penny.
  • Heavyweight: if you are regular in the kitchen, you know heavyweight cookware is tough to handle and hard to use every day.
  • Hard to clean lids: The tight tops are not easy to clean.
  • Not Dishwasher: some designed waterless cookware are not washable in the Dishwasher. So it’s also hard to clean in hand for some time.
  • Not opening the lid: You can’t open the lid when cooking. So sometimes it also creates many problems.
  • Not suitable: This cooker is not ideal for every type of cooking. That means this kind of cooker is perfect for steam-type food. But if you want to sauté or fry any food, this kind of pot is not preferable.
  • Not oven friendly: This cookware is not suitable for the oven. That means you can’t bake any food in the Oven.
  • Plastic handle: The base of the waterless cookware is made of metal. But the lid and base handle is made of plastic. After continuously using the pan, it may break or be damaged. So, after some time you need to change the plastic part.

Bottom Line: Is waterless cookware worth it?

In the end, every product has some disadvantages with lots of advantages, just like waterless cookware. This kind of appliance is healthy and a great addition to your kitchen. Because every design of the aired products is flawless, it enhances your kitchen’s beauty. I know the cost of the cookware is much higher than a normal one, but the excellent quality of the product makes it very much worth it. So I think this investment is not a loss for your budget.

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