What is PFOA in Cookware?- Health Concerns And Alternatives

The modern cookware company has introduced a ton of exclusive items to us. But almost all the time, we are puzzled about the quality and safety hazards of that cookware, as this generation is more health-conscious than ever. Many well-known companies used to manufacture cookware that contained harmful substances such as PFOA and PTFE. But now, the layout has changed a lot. The government and the governing bodies in the market have banned the use of toxic materials in their products. PFOA is one of the most hazardous materials companies have used over the years. But now, the time has come to learn about the adverse health effects and PFOA alternatives in the cooking industry. So let us dig deep into the article to acknowledge some crispy and astonishing facts about PFOA.

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What is PFOA?

The full form of PFOA is perfluorooctanoic acid. This is a kind of synthetic polymer that is used for artificial coatings. The main reason it is used is that utilizing PFOA makes the cookware scratch-proof, stain-resistant, and non-sticky. It is a man-made chemical, and it is usually hugely used in the stain-resistant carpet industry, the paper and cardboard industries, and the fire fighting sector. But there was one of the most common industries where PFOA was used in a huge manner: the cookware industry. PFOA was formerly used in the cookware industry to produce stronger, sturdy, long-lasting materials and non-stick coatings. But scientists have discovered some shocking theories regarding the PFOA health hazards. In the next phase, I will elaborate on the detrimental health effects of PFOA.

Why is PFOA dangerous for health?

Do you know that PFOA is one of the most dangerous substances for human health? Is it important to know about the dire effects of this? You must have explicit knowledge regarding this, as cookware is the most important part of your kitchen community. Why is PFOA considered a villainous element? Let’s see some adverse health effects of PFOA.Health effects of PFOA

Liver damage

PFOA is the most malicious to humans. Have you ever perceived a tumor in the liver? Yes, this is that element that is responsible for liver damage. The human liver cannot withstand too many chemical elements. As a result, the cells in the liver got damaged, and the entire thing collapsed badly. IN some cases, the PFOA causes testicle cancer to become animals.

When the coating of cookware is dissipated due to excessive heat or any other cause, then the PFOA is released from the shiny interior body of the cookware, which is mixed with the food and causes extreme harm to the human body.  

Acute Thyroid disease

PFOA can affect almost all of your body organs, and the Thyroid gland is not free from the effect of this poisonous substance. A drastic change is sometimes noticed In some people due to PFOA contamination. The thyroid hormone sometimes behaves like a stranger, and there is no control over the hormone. It may cause acute thyroid disease.  

Testicular and kidney cancer

As I have mentioned before, PFOA can cause harm to your body from any portion of the body, and The genital area is not free from that kind of damage. Testicular cancer is really common due to PFOA. The particles that leach out from the cookware enter our body with food, and gradually, it creates unwanted tissue cells, which is the prime cause of cancer; there is no other way this can affect you without the consumption of the food. The particles slowly breach the lower part of the body and start to show peculiar dome stomps, which initiates testicular cancer,

Reproductive complications

Normally pregnant women are more vulnerable to Reproductive complications caused by the PFOA. The particles of the PFOA cause harm to the baby and the mother. Alongside, the young generation is much more prone to suffer from Reproductive injuries from PFOA. 

High cholesterol and High blood pressure

PFOA is always deleterious to health, even if it can cause high blood pressure in the body. The low-density lipoprotein is being increased gradually in the blood, and it starts to obstruct the heart’s blood pumps. As a result, the heart is blocked and has been damaged soon. So as you can see how detrimental PFOA can be, it is wise to choose PFOA free cookware at any cost.    

Is PFOA Still Used in Cookware?

The answer is no. Since the researchers discovered the adverse effects of the PFOA, its use of this is banned. In 2003 the ban was imposed on PFOA-made products. Since then, no company has made the PFOA cookware. But PFOA is a non-degradable element, so it still exists In nature. PFOA is mixed with the air soil and is most dangerous in the water. So some organizations have made some strategic guidelines to prevent PFOA contamination.  

Core differences between  PFOA and PTFE

People often confuse PFOA and PTFE. They may look alike, but there are some distinct differences between these two. Here I will clarify the differences between them. The core difference is that PFOA contains a carboxylic acid group as the functional group and carbon and fluorine; on the other hand, PTFE is a polymer that contains only carbon and fluorine particles. There is also a huge change in their stability: PFOA is extremely stable, but the PTFE is not that stable and can react with any particulates.  

What are the alternatives to PFOA in Cookware?

Since the authority has banned the use of the PFOA for its disastrous effect, cookware brands have to rethink the alternatives of this material. And guess what, the companies have brilliantly done this. They have replaced the PFOA-made products with the nicest and health hazard-free ones. We will see some of the PFOA’s most fantastic substitutes in this phase.

Ceramic Cookware SetsCeramic Cookware

One of the remarkable inventions in the cookware industry is the invention of ceramic cookware. These are versatile in every aspect of the culinary world. The ceramic products are very much decent as they have the trendiest products in the market. But there are some minor cons like ceramic products are very prone to scratches, and ceramic takes a little bit of a long time to cook the food. They are the low conductor of heat.

Cast iron pans and potsPFOA free Cast iron pans and pots

If it comes to durability, then the first name that comes to mind is cast iron. Cast iron is a naturally and amazingly very long asking material, and it can withstand high temperatures like over 550 degrees Fahrenheit. If you use the cast iron cookware properly, it may serve the young for a long time.

Stainless steel set

Another sensational convention in the cookware industry is stainless steel cookware. They Are naturally very robust and sturdy. They are also very smooth and scratch-free. So use these however you like. 

Stoneware cooking setsStoneware cooking set

This revolutionary material has been used for thousands of years in the cookware industry. They are good conductors of heat and evenly heat the entire cookware. They are also scratch-resistant and heavy-duty cookware you can ever dream of.

How do you avoid PFOA to minimize health risks?

If you choose to cook with non-stick pans, then maintaining some of the strategies may minimize the risk of PFOA contamination. Here are some tips to decrease the health effects of the PFOA.

Stop preheating the empty pan: When there is nothing in the pan, and you are preheating the non-stick, it may diffuse polymer fumes that are very much deleterious to health. So the tip is to put some food or water in the pot before turning on the stove. 

Using low temperature: If you are used to cooking your foods at a high temperature, you need to avoid that as the non-stick cookware emits some dangerous particles at very high temperatures. So slowly cook your food when you’re using a non-stick.

Avoid using metal utensils: You should not use metal utensils as they create scratches on the body of the non-stick. Try wooden, silicone, or plastic utensils instead. They will not erode the use in a non-stick. 

Alternatives: Safe PFOA-Free Cookware List

We have seen much about PFOA and the disadvantages of this material. We have talked about the problem, and now it is time to give the smartest solution. Some safe cookware brands promised that they wouldn’t use PFOA or any other harmful elements in their products, and we are taking a few steps to look into those brands. 

All Clad Cookware Free From PFOA

This company has been in the race for a long time. All-Clad produces some of the signature items of the market, And they are pretty much famous for producing premium quality products. Where the other companies coat their non-stick product with a single layer, All-Clad manufactures a three-layer coating in their non-stick fry pans. They do not use any sort of toxic materials like the PFOA or PTFE. Instead, they use nature-friendly compositions. All-Clad produces non-stick, hard anodized cookware and many of these kinds. 

Calphalon Pots and Pans

PFOA Free Calphalon Pots and PansCalphalon cookware has been one of the most trusted brands in the industry since 1963. They manufacture multi-layer non-stick coating cookware and hard-anodized aluminum cookware, and they have maintained the food-grade material since its inception. Their products are free from toxic materials, and you can rely on the products.

Final Words

You are a citizen of the 21st century, where getting information is a matter of a few seconds. If you don’t properly use the information to keep yourself safe and secure, you will be responsible for any future shocks. Before buying pots and pans, you must surf the internet and gather some useful links. This article is for those who tend to buy cookware. If you are looking for the safest products on the market, follow the article. The product that you are going to place in your kitchen must be free from all toxic elements, and that’s how your cooking will be healthy. Follow the article to learn about the outstandingly shocking gimmick of PFOA and give yourself a treat by buying PFOA-free cookware.

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