Is Lustre Craft Cookware Still in Business? (Our Review)

Lustre Craft Cookware Review

People want to use trending cookware sets, and every cookware brand has some unique characteristics to impress the users. Lustre Craft is such cookware that uses the newest method called “merging metals,” which has brought a new dimension to the cookware world. It is a type of waterless cookware. So, Luster Craft is mainly for those who are conscious about reducing water consumption to save water. But is the cookware discontinued? No, but it is hard to find in local cookware stores.

What is Lustre Craft Cookware Made of?

Combining zinc and chromium with stainless steel was the first merged metal technology. When Germany invented an admirable merging metals method during World War II, it helped Laster Craft cookware. It started manufacturing the first stainless steel, 3-ply, and carbon-core waterless cookware called “Lustre Craft.”

The History of Lustre Craft Cookware:

Lustre Craft cookware was hugely successful in the early days of World War II. However, the production of Lustre Craft stopped when the American military entered the fight. A message from Lustre Craft was delivered to the consumers—”You will receive your cookware when the war is over!”Lustre Craft cookware Set

Most single female customers started working in the factories to continue cookware production. Finally, the Lustre Craft cookware started to be delivered again after World War II. World War II became a significant obstacle to the production and delivery of Lustre Craft cookware. The instant steps to restart the activities of Lustre Craft became a groundbreaking step to continue the business of Craft Cookware.

Is Lustre Craft Cookware Available Now?

The supply of Lustre Craft is still available. If you want waterless Lustre cookware, you can browse on Amazon, E-bay, HomeDepot, and other popular websites. There is a massive collection of the latest cookware models.

What are the latest Lustre Craft cookware models?

There are various available models of waterless Lustre Craft cookware. The following list includes some of the collections. 

  1. Lustre Craft 5-ply stainless steel skillet with no lid,
  2. Lustre Craft 10 in skillet fry pan,
  3. New Lustre Craft 9 multi-core construction no lid frypan
  4. Lustre Craft 8″ small skillet fry saucepan with lid waterless cookware
  5. Vintage Lustre Craft cookware 9.5″ 18-8″ stainless steel 3-ply saucepan with lid. 
  6. Lustre Craft rare 18/8 tri-ply stainless steel skillet or fry pan. 

The collection includes both lid and lidless cookware. Using water also has a significant variation here. You can use a sufficient amount of water on the cookware if you think it is necessary. 

Lustre Craft Cookware Review

Longevity, extra-ordinary characteristics, safety, high heat conduction, etc., are highly considered when selecting the best cookware. Here are the reasons why you should buy Lustre Craft cookware:

  • Waterless cooking

Lustre Craft was a modern innovation during the Second World War. It is waterless and can prepare delicious foods with little or no water.Waterless cooking with Lustre Craft

  • Oven Safe

Every general and professional chef desires to keep their cookware in an oven to make a better cooking experience more accessible. The Lustre Craft cookware is oven-safe up to 3500 F and ready for cooking your favorite unique dishes.

The three-ply carbon steel waterless Lustre Craft cookware is suitable for good health. There is no toxic coating or toxic metal in the cookware. Moreover, the waterless feature helps get safer foods easier by using a small amount of water.

  • Sustainable

So, there is no confusion about the durability of Lustre Craft. But, it would be best if you took proper care of the cookware for its long-lasting use. Avoid dishwashers or other powerful cleaning agents.

Final Thoughts

Lustre’s mind-blowing characters have kept it alive in the market since the Second World War. The available cookware models have different price ranges suitable for all. It is one of the best cooking items for fulfilling your varied cooking needs.


  1. I bought my Lustre Craft Cookware in 1958 and am still using it. I was living in an apartment complex in Arlington, Va and the salesman came knocking at the door. I forgot what I paid for my set but I paid in monthly installments. To this day I still continue to use my cookware and it looks as good now as when I purchased it years ago. What a wonderful product?

    • Hi, I’ve been trying to find a local rep to show me how to use the cookware. Somehow I burn the food. If you know how to use it, I’d love some help. Also, do you know how to contact the company?


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