How to Clean the Inside and Outside of Glass Cookware?

Dirty glass baking utensils are immensely difficult items for a kitchen user. But cleaning glass cookware yourself is very easy. There are some simple steps to cleaning it. Follow them perfectly and use all of the necessary cleaning ingredients. Various cleaning items e available to wash glass cookware. You can also use a homemade cleaning solution if you do not have one. Some people believed that the only way to clean glass cookware was to use a detergent and water mixture. But, there are several easy alternatives at our fingertips that can replace the dishwasher or soap.

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What is A Glass Cookware?

There are various cookware made of different ingredients. Ceramic, cast-iron, stainless steel, and even bamboo cookware is available. Glass cookware is transparent and made of glass and is one of the hygienic cookware for the users. Glass cookware

Glass cookware is made of tempered soda-lime-silica glass. It is a sensitive item that has to be handled carefully. The outside of the cookware has a smooth surface. Moreover, the cookware is breakable and hard to handle. The transparency of the cookware made it attractive and perfect to use in the kitchen of home chefs and professional chefs. Try to follow proper caution in maintaining the longevity of the sensitive glass cookware. 

How Do I Clean My Glass Cookware?

There are various cooking methods with different cookware. Glass cookware is also a suitable item for cooking delicious foods. It is possible to clean glass cookware with multiple ingredients. You can get them quickly as they are very close to your hand. Now you are getting some attractive solutions to remove the specks of dirt and make your kitchen and kitchenware attractive. 

  • Step 01: Pour Some Water into The Cookware

Cleaning is not possible without clear water. So, at first, you will pour some water into the cookware. Keep the water in the bowl to soak it to remove the primary specks of cookware 

  • Step 02: Scrub The Stubborn Stains

Some stains of the wastage may remain in the cookware, including tea stains, milk waste over, leftovers of curry or other foods, etc. They can not be removed quickly from the cookware if you do not scrub it. Use a plain scrubber and clean the glass cookware surface.  

  • Step 03: Use Different Ingredients as A Cleaner

There are several cookware cleaners in the world. Dishwasher detergent, baking soda, vinegar, and many other cleaning solutions are available around us. You can use one available cleaning solution and start cleaning your glass cookware. 

  • Step 04: Wash with Clean Water

The final step of removing dirt from the glass cookware is washing it with water. You should check the cookware surface before watering as any speck of dirt remains there. Now, water on it and scrub the surface with your hand. You can also use dry and soft clothes to wipe the bowl after washing it. 

The best cleaner you can use to clean your glass cookware is…

Cleaning cookware will fail without selecting the perfect cleaning solution. So, it is a must to take the effective cleaner and follow the process of cleaning the cooking utensil. We are mentioning several available cleaning solutions for your best cleaning experience. 

  • Dishwasher Detergent

Everyone knows a dishwasher is the most used ingredient for the cookware cleaning solution. Several dishwasher brands are available around us. You can quickly collect the best one by considering the reputation and goodwill of the dishwasher brand. 

Using dishwasher detergent is very easy. You have to rinse the cookware surface efficiently. Then, you will pour the dishwasher in a specific amount. Wash with water after scrubbing and get a glazy outlook on your glass cookware. 

  • Cornstarch and Vinegar

Vinegar is a beautiful cleaning material for cookware and other utensils. You can get a glassy outlook on your cookware if you use cornstarch and vinegar in a perfect ratio. 

First, you will mix cornstarch and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio (1 tablespoon cornstarch and one tablespoon vinegar). Now stir the mixture with a spoon and prepare it as a solution. Follow the steps of pouring water, scrubbing the bowl, etc., and try to remove the stains from the glass cookware. Run the cornstarch and vinegar mixture into the bowl and wash it. 

  • Toothpaste 

Are you astonished after knowing about using toothpaste as a cleaning ingredient? You can do it quickly. Toothpaste is not only a cleaning item for your teeth, but also it is a perfect cleaner for your cooking utensils. The cleaning materials in toothpaste made it appropriate for various uses.

Take some toothpaste on an old toothbrush, then scrub the glass cookware with it. After that, remove the waste with water and see how the glassy look of the cookware comes instantly!

Toothpaste is also an effective material for removing minor scratches from your glass utensils. 

  • Oven Cleaner

People get some exceptional information after their experiments on many things. If there is a microwave and an oven-cleaner at your home, you can also use the solution to clean your glass bowl clean. 

Take an oven cleaner of a good brand from the market. Now, pour some water on your glass cookware surface. Spray the oven cleaner on the bowl surface and check every part of the bowl has been sprayed. The function allows you to clean the bowl surface quickly. 

Generally, the oven cleaning solution can be costly. But, the cost of the cleaner depends on the place where you are living now. Still, an oven cleaner may be a better cleaning solution than a general cookware cleaner. 

  • Ammonia Spray

Ammonia works well as a glass cleaner. It removes the dirt with the glass cookware by evaporating rapidly. Using ammonia spray helps you decrease the possibility of living streaks. Moreover, you can avoid stains on your glass through the spraying process. So, ammonia spray is perfect for washing the glass cookware surface without any shame. 

  • Magic Eraser

When your target is to clean your glass cookware, and you want an easy process, the magic eraser is an appropriate cleaner. The eraser is so dense that it can clear the pots and pans of your glass in a short time. It works as a scrubber and contains a stronger character than the general dirt-removers. 

The dense eraser works well on the stubborn stains of the glass cookware. Some confusion can come to your mind about the safety aspects of the eraser. But, if you read the company’s user manual or take the necessary information about the eraser, you can get many advantages. 

Final Thoughts

The modern world provides the most straightforward solutions to every problem. Glass cookware can be difficult for some people to use due to its low durability and tendency to break. But, taking proper care of it afterward will give you the best experience using glass cookware. Now, use the necessary cleaning materials and apply them to enjoy more utility from your utensils.


  • Does an abrasive cleaner scratch glass cookware?

Your glass cookware has a chance to get scratched cleaning with abrasive cleaners, including baking soda. So, the cleaner becomes harmful to your cookware and damages your cooking utensil gradually. The best way is to avoid the abrasive cleaner. If it is impossible, you can use more water and scrub it less. 

  • Is vinegar safe for glass?

Vinegar is a non-abrasive material for glasses. It is a used material for cooking food and cleaning the necessary items. Vinegar is not reliable for causing a scratch on the cookware surface. So, it is safe for glass cookware. 

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