What cookware do contestants use on the MasterChef cooking show?

People are curious to know which utensils are used by famous chefs and shows. MasterChef, the famous TV reality show, uses several cookware sets for various recipes. A famous cookware brand is their faithful partner, providing the perfect utensil standard. So, every renowned chef needs affordable cookware that cooks fast without sticking. Mostly, they use ScanPan CTX or Calphalon cookware. Cast iron or copper pans are also used for recipes that need higher temperatures.

Cooking Utensils used in MasterChef:

The following list shows you every necessary cooking utensil used in this reality show.

  1. High-quality cookware 
  2. Fry pan with lids.
  3. Paring knife.
  4. Bread Knife
  5. Stainer
  6. Hand blender
  7. Kitchen scissors
  8. Toaster
  9. Cutting board
  10. Food Processor

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What type of cookware do the chefs use on Masterchef?

The chefs who participated in MasterChef are world-famous. Their cuisines are attractive, and people want to try them. But, the question is: what cookware do they use on Masterchef? Let’s check it out:

Several cookware brands use different materials in their cookware. Sometimes specific cookware uses different materials to take the variation in their products. MasterChef also follows this process. 

Cast Iron Cookware

MasterChef uses a pre-seasoned cast-iron frying pan. It is oven-safe up to 400 degrees. A preheating process is necessary before starting cooking. Cast iron is made from a melting combination of iron and steel at a super high temperature. So, it is a type of iron and not healthier than other cookware like stainless steel or ceramic. But, preheating before every cook can give us trustable foods for our health.Cast Iron Cookware

Carbon Steels Pans

The versatile carbon steel cookware is appropriate for kitchens and TV programs. Cooking eggs on low heat and fish on high heat are both ideal in carbon steel cookware. Getting a lot of comfort is a significant advantage of this cookware.Carbon Steels Pan

Copper Cookware

The admirable heat conductivity of copper cookware made it famous for even heating. Moreover, it is a better material than both iron and stainless steel. It is worthy cookware overall. The luxurious outlook of copper made the cookware suitable for use in the programs of MasterChef. Moreover, MasterChef also uses copper cookware in their restaurants. Copper Cookware pans

What Brand of Cookware does MasterChef Use?

Gordon Ramsay, a judge of the MasterChef reality show, uses Scanpan Nonstick Cookware to prepare his dishes. Scanpan’s products are beautiful in outlook and comfortable to use. The high heat conductivity, including the even-heating technology, made Scanpan cookware famous worldwide.MasterChef Use cookware

Most of the cookware in Masterchef was made of stainless steel. Although it is lightweight, it is easy to use. The lightweight stainless steel’s sustainability made it the perfect material for pots and pans.

Why does Gordon Ramsay recommend Scanpan Cookware?

MasterChef is a popular program that does not take any risk regarding cookware, which can decrease its reputation. Significantly, cookware is vital because the viewers observe the cookware and food conditions. They also try the same brand in their houses after mentioning the cookware’s name. ScanPan is the most important preference of Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay’s unique feature is-

  • Premium Quality

ScanPan is an outstanding quality cookware brand in the world. MasterChef and their famous judge Gordon suggest it for the premium features. Some other exceptional features made ScanPan quality cookware different from the others. 

  • Oil Consuming

ScanPan takes little or no oil to cook. The technical character of ScanPan is different from several available cookware. Its excellent nonstick feature was designed to cook with less or no oil. 

  • Dishwasher-Safe

Famous restaurants and TV programs have less time to consume. They are so busy that they need to use a dishwasher instead of hand washing. It makes their cookware cleaning process more accessible and saves them valuable time. ScanPan is dishwasher safe. Although hand washing is enough for everyday use at home, using the dishwasher is a must for the busy employees of MasterChef. 

  • Induction Compatible

All ScanPan products are stove and gas compatible. But few ScanPan products come with magnetic bottoms that are induction-safe.

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Is cookware used in Masterchef TV shows toxic?

The people who like MasterChef’s kitchen are curious to know if their cooking is toxic or not. Excessive overheating can break down the PTFE coating of the cookware surface. But, at the average temperature, All cookware of MasterChef, including ScanPan, is safe and not harmful to health. 

What is The Difference between ScanPan Classic and Professional?

ScanPan users have a common question: what is the significant difference between ScanPan Classic and ScanPan Professional? Even people who are MasterChef fans are curious about using ScanPan.

The main difference between ScanPan Classic and Professional is their interior color. The classic line has a dark gray interior, and the professional line has a black-colored interior. But, the other features, including nonstick surface, durability, healthy cookware, etc., are the same.

How Can I Plate Food Like MasterChef?

People are interested in the food of restaurants and TV programs. But, most people do not get pleasure in their homemade foods. It becomes a reason for leading a monotonous life in the house.Food Like MasterChef

It may seem like restaurants, TV programs, and chefs are more experienced. So, their cuisines become tastier. But it is not difficult for you to bring a new taste to your platters. Now, you will get the tactics of making more delicious foods in your house. It will give you a better taste and a better experience. 

  • Take The Best Preparation

Cooking is an art. It is valueless work without any preparation. Make the essential food elements ready in your kitchen. Now, you can start cooking. 

  • Collect The Taste Increaser items

Some food items must include salt, water, spices, etc. But, Some other things like Vinegar, baking powder, vanilla essence, or tasting salt increase the taste of the food, although they are uncommon. So, add them to your food’s correct measurement and make it tastier.  

  • Collect Essential Utensils

Do not leave the kitchen blank. Try to manage all the cooking utensils like a restaurant to the best of your ability. Use everything necessary to improve your kitchen, like a professional chef’s. 

  • Pour The Tastiest Spices

You will get a lot of taste as you pour a lot of spice. Every chef knows how much he can utilize spice; he will be able to get more perfection in his cuisine. So, you must carefully manage your food’s relevant spices and add them to make it spicier. 

  • Change The Food Measurement

Measuring the food ingredients is essential to get the perfect taste from the recipe. Too much salt or sugar is not admirable because they decrease the taste. Instead, every item can increase the taste if you can pour them in an exact amount like the chefs of restaurants. You may take a recipe book’s help as it provides several cooking methods.  

  • Follow The Experts

Cooking is an art. Some efficient steps with proper practice will give you a chance to acquire the skill. You can follow television shows or expert magazines to apply their techniques to your food. Thus, you can bring a different taste to your food. 


Bringing the authentic taste of a renowned restaurant to life is hard. Some people follow TV celebrities. They make celebrities their idols and try to use the same things as them. As a result, MasterChef fans may also want to learn more about the cooking process and the brands of cookware used.

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