How to clean, season, and care for ScanPan cookware?

Scanpan is a famous cookware manufacturing brand. It performs well and has an excellent reputation among professional and home chefs. But if a user does not have sufficient knowledge about how to care for cookware, he cannot keep it sound even if the cookware is well manufactured. Now we are going to discuss the proper maintenance process for Scanpan cookware.

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How do I clean ScanPan cookware properly?

It is impossible to use cookware for a long period of time without properly cleaning it. As a result, as a Scanpan cookware user, you must follow the steps by following the user manual.clean ScanPan cookware

Rinse the cookware

First, you have to pour a sufficient amount of water on the cookware surface. The rinsing process will be able to remove the primary specks of dirt that are sticking to the cookware surface.

Apply soap or non-abrasive detergent

Soapy water is the best cleaning solution for almost every type of cookware. Scanpan also gets cleaned properly with the cleaning solution.

You have to apply a sufficient amount of soap and water to the Scanpan cookware surface to remove the germs and other harmful things. A mild detergent is also an appropriate solution that can be easily used as a dishwashing solution.

Rub the cookware efficiently

A soft scrubber is a must for this task. You can use a soft cloth or a toothbrush with a soft head. Now, scrub the cookware surface efficiently. The softness of the scrubber will remove the delicate germs without harming the cookware.

Take a sufficient amount of clean water or turn on the faucet. You should apply a sufficient amount of clean water to the cookware.

Dry cookware surface

In the last step, you must air dry the cookware or wipe it with a soft cloth or paper towel. It will help you use the cookware for a long time because instant drying after the cleaning process does not let the cookware get any water scratches.

What is Scanpan cookware made of?

Several materials are utilized to manufacture Scanpan cookware. Recycled aluminum is a common and durable material that is the main ingredient in stainless steel cookware. This material is 100% recycled.

Moreover, some other Scanpan pots and pans are made of cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, and other materials. The cleaning and seasoning conditions of the cookware depend on the different features of the materials.

Should I season a Scanpan pan before the first use?season a Scanpan pan

Stainless steel cookware is entirely non-stick and durable; it does not need seasoning. So, if your Scanpan cookware is made of stainless steel, you can start using the pan immediately after unboxing it.

Seasoning aluminum cookware is an essential task. This process helps preserve the color and appearance of the pan for a long time.

The cast-iron pots and pans are also pre-seasoned. So, it would be best if you did not make an extra effort to season the pan.

Seasoning is generally required for pans on which fried foods stick. However, the fried foods available in Scanpan cookware do not stick due to the pan’s well-designed surface.

How to take care of ScanPan cookware?

Cookware becomes long-lasting if the user takes proper care of it. Without proper maintenance, cookware from good manufacturers cannot perform of ScanPan cookware

i) You have to wash your Scanpan properly after every single use. If you keep your cookware dirty for several hours, it will rust quickly.

ii) Always read the user manual before the first use. You can easily understand how to care for the pan properly.

iii) Using non-abrasive soaps and mild detergents is highly recommended. There are several types of cleaning solutions that damage the cookware surface gradually.

iv) Do not neglect the residue of oily foods and fat on the cookware surface. They must be removed, even if the amount is too small.

v) Never stack one pan on top of another to store them together. It may cause the pans to rust. So, it would be best if you kept soft devices between them.

vi) Sufficient preheating can make the cookware’s performance better. So, you can heat your Scanpan cookware for 60 to 90 seconds before starting to cook.

Final thoughts

As a Scanpan cookware user, you can be relaxed in several ways, including being free from the seasoning process. This specific time can be utilized to clean your cookware correctly.

Finally, select the perfect cleaners and scouring pads to keep the cookware surface scratch-free. As a result, your cookware may be worthwhile.

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