Royal Prestige Cookware: Greasing, Seasoning & Cooking Tips

Royal Prestige is a cookware brand that ensures high quality and durability for its users. It has a lot of stainless cookware collections.

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Should Royal Prestige cookware be greased?

You can get a good experience by cooking on Royal Prestige cookware. Greasing cookware is a standard process of its care, which makes it safe from sticking or breaking. Since Royal Prestige manufactures sustainable cookware sets, the pots and pans don’t need to be greased.

How do I clean Royal Prestige cookware?

Cleaning Royal Prestige cookware is an easy process. There are three different parts:

  • Cleaning the cover of the cookware
  • Cleaning the Sili Chromatic Rings
  • Cleaning the bowl

Now, we are discussing them in detail.

Step 01: Cleaning the cover of the cookware

First, you should hold the cover upside down. Loosen the valve, remove its parts, and wash them properly with a sponge and soap and wash them properly with a sponge and soap. Now, rinse them with water. Now, attach all the parts to the cover after drying them with air.Cleaning the cover of the cookware

Step 02: Cleaning the Silichromatic Rings

There are Silichromatic rings attached to the cookware. Remove it from the pan and prepare it for washing.

First, pour sufficient water into the bowl and boil it to clean the rings. Now, add some detergent to the water, and after making it cool, sink the rings into the water and rub them with soft clothes.Cleaning the Silichromatic Rings

Finally, take the rings out and rinse them properly with cold water.

Step 03: Cleaning the pan

You have to pour the necessary amount of hot water into the pan. Then, remove it from the pan for a while to make it cool.

Now, take a bottle of detergent or liquid dishwasher and pour it into the pan. You have to rub the skillet with a soft sponge so that all specks of dirt can be removed. After cleaning the pan, rinse it properly with cold water.Cleaning the pan

Using a Royal Shine cleaner will be the best way to remove all the dirt from the pan. Now, wash and dry it by wiping it with a soft towel.


Too many minerals in the water may hamper the cookware by staining it. So, dry the pan with a towel after washing it. This task is the immediate one after cleaning the cookware.

How do I season Royal Prestige cookware?

Seasoning is important for reducing the amount of oil or butter needed for cooking. Although the Royal Prestige is excellent cookware, it should be seasoned after several months of use.

Wash and dry: You can use detergent and a non-abrasive sponge to wash the cookware surface. Now, wipe it with a soft cloth and make it dry.

Apply oil or butter: To make the cookware surface soft, take a specific amount of oil or butter and apply it to it. The ingredient will lubricate your pan.  

Heat the pan: Heating the cookware will work for both seasonings and preheating before starting to cook. Moreover, heating with oil and butter after washing is necessary to keep the pan’s condition good.

Repeat: The three tasks for seasoning your Royal Prestige cookware have to be repeated three or four times. Thus, the seasoning process of your cookware will be completed.

How to cook with Royal Prestige cookware?

Cooking with Royal Prestige cookware is an easy process. Suppose you are going to cook some meat with Royal Prestige. Go through the following procedure.

i) Season the steaks

This is the first task for making your food delicious. You have to season the steaks for about ten minutes.

ii) Preheat the pan

Keep the pan on high-medium heat and preheat it. Preheating the pan for about three minutes will increase the taste of your food.

iii) Place the meat on the surface

You have to cut the meat into pieces before starting the cooking process. Now, keep the meat on the surface carefully so that every piece can get the same temperature.

iv) Cover the pan and turn the stove on

This step will start heating the meats and continue cooking. Be careful about the time; approximately 5 minutes is enough for it.

When one side of the meat is perfectly cooked, you should turn it over. You can add some vegetables or mushrooms to the recipe to make it more delicious.

v) Cover the pan and open the valve

The valve on the cookware has a significant responsibility. When it whistles, you know that the food has been prepared.

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