Pioneer Woman Cookware: How to Clean, Season, and Care?

Pioneer Woman’s cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel pans are some of the best partners in our kitchens. But it is impossible to keep the pans safe and non-sticky without proper cleaning and seasoning. It can keep the Pioneer Woman skillet safe from stains and other stubborn specks of dirt.

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How to clean Pioneer Woman cookware? Check Review

If you notice that a lot of food waste has stuck to the cookware surface, you must remove it immediately by following our simple washing process. Otherwise, the food waste may damage the cookware’s non-stick surface by sticking to it for a long time.Pioneer Woman cookware Review

  1. First, you have to soak the cookware in clean water to help remove the primary dirt from the cookware surface. Mild soap or detergent is the best thing for cleaning the cookware surface perfectly. It does not corrode the pan surface.
  2. After applying soap or detergent, you should rub it with a soft sponge so that the cleaning solution reaches the entire surface of the cookware.
  3. Now, turn on the faucet to start the flow of water. You have to wash the cookware perfectly so no soap foam can stay on the surface.
  4. Finally, you need to dry the pan. Wiping the pan surface with a soft cloth is the best option to remove water stains from the cookware.

How to season Pioneer Woman pans or skillets?

Pioneer Woman cookware is a worth-buying product with several standout features. Seasoning frequency depends on how often you use the pan. However, if you notice that your cookware’s non-stick surface is gradually deteriorating and foods are sticking to it more often, you must season the Pioneer Woman cookware. seasoning Pioneer Woman pans

Wash the pan

Follow the steps of the washing process cited above. Use warm and soapy water to wash the skillet. After washing, you will dry the pan in the air. Now, you have to preheat your oven to up to 400°F temperature. You can do it using your stovetop as well.How to clean Pioneer Woman cookware

Apply oil

A small amount of vegetable oil should be spread on the cookware surface to season the cookware. You can also use shortening instead of oil.

So, oil with a low smoke point is the best solution for seasoning the pan. The Pioneer Woman cookware manufacturer suggests using vegetable oil for seasoning the pans.

Olive oil is highly prohibited for seasoning the Pioneer Woman’s cast iron pan because it starts smoking quickly.

Place the cookware on the oven rack

You Have to place the two oven racks in such a position that they stay at an equal distance apart. Then place the cookware upside down on the oven rack. Turn on the oven at low or medium heat (up to 400°F) and let the pan bake inside the oven.

Turn off the oven after 1 hour

Approximately one hour is sufficient time to heat the Pioneer Woman pan for seasoning. Now, turn off the oven after the time has passed. You have to wait for a while so that the cookware becomes cool. Now, you can take the pan out and use it again.


  • How much oven safety does Pioneer Woman cookware have?

Pioneer Woman cookware is up to 400°F. You must keep the cooking temperature under the limit while cooking with the cookware.

  • Is Pioneer Woman cookware dishwasher-safe?

Yes, Pioneer Woman cookware is safe for cleaning in a dishwasher. But the handwashing process for the cookware is so easy that you do not need to use a dishwasher in general.

2 thoughts on “Pioneer Woman Cookware: How to Clean, Season, and Care?”

  1. I have a cream colored cast aluminum pan that I received as a gift. I hand washed it and dried it – and a day later cooked pancakes in it. I did not use spray oil or butter or oil in the pan – and did not use high heat. But the pan stained from one use. How can I clean the stain off? I am so disappointed.

  2. I received a Pioneer Woman set of cookware for Christmas. used the skillet 4-5 times and it began trying to stick after third use. Now everything is sticking. it has a plastic like handle made to look like wood so I don’t know if it is oven safe. How do I season this pan to not stick?

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