Where to buy Rae Dunn cookware? Is it discontinued?

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Who made Rae Dunn cookware?

You could be amazed to hear that the pottery cookware company named Rae Dunn is made solely by a famous potter. The owner typically established the Rae Dunn company when she realized her passion and started to make simplistic and minimalist pottery product lines and a simple handwritten terracotta modeled like pots and jars. As time advances, it has become one of the signature names in the arena of the pottery industry. Now the demand for Rae Dunn products is soaring unbelievably across the USA. 

Is Rae Dunn cookware discontinued?

The business was ongoing quite haplessly, but some unwanted issues made it quite impossible. Some of the Rae Dunn products have been out of stock or have been discontinued for some reasons, and those possible reasons are, Rae Dunn cookware sets
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  • Hazardous chemicals like lead, chromium, cadmium and many other detrimental chemicals have been found in the pottery letters and alphabetical consortiums. 
  • The Rae Dunn cookware can not withstand too many high temperatures. As a result, you cannot cook rough food items that need soaring heat to be cooked too well. 
  • There have been some irresistible issues with the making of the products. In some products, they have been using substandard raw materials that accelerated the bad times for the company. Some pots are prone to be shattered and cracked without any possible reason. 
  • Some users have complained about the Rae Dunn cookware’s design, color, and quality. These unsurmountable incidents led to torrential closings of a few Rae Dunn cookware products and have been battered quite furiously. 

Technical Specification:

Feature Specification
Material: Ceramic, enamel-coated cast iron
Construction: Single-layer ceramic or cast iron
Non-Stick Coating: Not applicable
Heat Distribution: Good, even heat distribution
Induction Compatibility: Enamel-coated cast iron options only
Oven Safe Temperature: Up to 500°F (260°C)
Dishwasher Safe: Hand-wash recommended
Lid Material: Ceramic or enamel-coated cast iron
Handles: Enamel-coated cast iron or ceramic
Price Range: Mid-range pricing

Where to buy Rae Dunn cookware?

Rae Dunn cookware is popular in the USA and its surrounding regions. But if you want to avail the items, then these are available on these online sites and superstores,

  • Amazon.com
  • Wayfair 
  • Magenta
  • eBay
  • Mercari 
  • Some popular shops like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls

The cookware is widely available in these popular shops, and there are thousands of options you can prefer buying. If you want to shop offline, then they have that option also. Physically you can search at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Marshall’s store, as they have quite a variety of Rae Dunn cookware. 

Is Rae Dunn cookware safe?

There is a mixed reaction to this answer. Some researchers have found that the Rae Dunn cookware contains a possible amount of lead in the interior and exterior portions of the cookware and the pots. Other possibly harmful chemicals like chromium and cadmium have also been found based on lead. So it is not entirely safe for use. But some promising sides are that these products are oven-safe, dishwasher-safe, and scratch-resistant.Is Rae Dunn cookware safe for cooking
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Most popular Rae Dunn cookware models

Let us explore some of the signature items of the Rae Dunn cookware. 

Rae Dunn Cast Aluminum Casserole:

  • The pot has a heavy-duty cast aluminum induction bottom
  • The carrying capacity is over 4.5 liters
  • It is oven safe and dishwasher safe, according to the company
  • The non-stick coating prevents sticking food to the surface of the pot.Rae Dunn frying pan review

Rae Dunn frying pan:

  • This skillet is oven-safe and compatible with any type of stovetop like gas, burner, electric induction oven, etc.
  • It is made of heavy gauge cast aluminum, conveying a colossal heat conductivity.
  • It is perfect for sauteing, frying, and cooking foods. You can use a soft sponge to clean the skillet’s surface, so the maintenance is as simple as you can ever get.


Rae Dunn cookware is a unique and stylish addition to any kitchen. Known primarily for its ceramics and pottery, the brand offers a limited selection of cookware items, including enamel-coated cast iron and ceramic pieces. These products showcase the brand’s signature rustic design, making them both functional and visually appealing.

While the non-stick coating is not applicable to Rae Dunn cookware, the materials used in their construction, such as enamel-coated cast iron, provide good heat distribution and retain heat well. This cookware is ideal for slow-cooking, braising, and baking, with oven-safe temperatures of up to 500°F (260°C). However, only the enamel-coated cast iron options are compatible with induction cooktops.

One of the downsides of Rae Dunn cookware is that it is not dishwasher safe and requires hand-washing for proper maintenance. Additionally, the brand’s cookware offerings are limited in comparison to other established cookware brands. However, the mid-range pricing makes these pieces more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

In conclusion, Rae Dunn cookware is an excellent option for those who appreciate the brand’s unique design aesthetic and are looking for cookware that performs well for specific cooking techniques, such as slow cooking and baking. While the brand’s offerings are limited, the quality and style of their cookware make them an important consideration for your kitchen collection.


Question: What is Rae Dunn cookware made of?
Answer: Rae Dunn cookware is made of ceramic or enamel-coated cast iron.

Question: Is Rae Dunn cookware non-stick?
Answer: No, Rae Dunn cookware does not feature a non-stick coating.

Question: Is Rae Dunn cookware induction compatible?
Answer: Only the enamel-coated cast iron options are induction compatible.

Question: What is the oven-safe temperature for Rae Dunn cookware?
Answer: Rae Dunn cookware is oven safe up to 500°F (260°C).

Question: Can Rae Dunn cookware be used on all cooktops?
Answer: Yes, except for the ceramic options, which are not compatible with induction cooktops.

Question: Is Rae Dunn cookware dishwasher safe?
Answer: Hand-washing is recommended for Rae Dunn cookware to maintain its quality and appearance.

Question: Does Rae Dunn cookware come with lids?
Answer: Some of their cookware items come with ceramic or enamel-coated cast iron lids.

Question: What is the price range of Rae Dunn cookware?
Answer: Rae Dunn cookware is typically priced in the mid-range category.

Question: Where can I buy Rae Dunn cookware?
Answer: Rae Dunn cookware can be found at various retailers, including online platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and their official website.

Question: How do I clean Rae Dunn cookware?
Answer: Hand-wash Rae Dunn cookware with warm soapy water and avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbers.

Question: Can Rae Dunn cookware be used for baking?
Answer: Yes. Rae Dunn cookware is suitable for baking due to its oven-safe temperature rating.

Question: Is Rae Dunn cookware safe to use?
Answer: Yes. Rae Dunn cookware is safe to use, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and care.

Question: How do I store Rae Dunn cookware?
Answer: Store Rae Dunn cookware in a dry place, and avoid stacking ceramic pieces to prevent chipping or breakage.

Question: Can I use metal utensils with Rae Dunn cookware?
Answer: It is recommended to use non-metal utensils with ceramic Rae Dunn cookware to prevent scratches or damage.

Question: Are Rae Dunn cookware pieces microwave safe?
Answer: Ceramic Rae Dunn cookware is generally microwave safe, but always check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific pieces.

Question: What type of cooking is Rae Dunn cookware best suited for?
Answer: Rae Dunn cookware is best suited for slow-cooking, baking, and braising due to its heat retention and even heat distribution properties.

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  1. I just bought a 4 quart cast aluminum casserole from Ray Dunn and I bought it from Nordstrom. It does not look like any of the ones that you have pictured in this article have they corrected the use of bad chemicals in the making of the product. Let me know if this is safe or not.

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