Blue diamond vs. green diamond vs. red diamond cookware

Blue Diamond, Green Diamond, and Red Diamond are the different cookware sets. This article will discuss the differences between those pots and pans. We will also add their similarities that help buyers determine whether to buy.

Feature Blue Diamond Green Diamond Red Diamond
Material Ceramic non-stick coating infused with diamond particles Ceramic non-stick coating infused with diamond particles Ceramic non-stick coating infused with diamond particles
Color Blue Green Red
Heat Distribution Good Good Good
Non-Stick Capability Excellent Excellent Excellent
Scratch Resistance High High High
Oven Safe Temperature Up to 600°F (315°C) Up to 600°F (315°C) Up to 600°F (315°C)
Metal Utensil Safe Yes Yes Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes Yes Yes
Induction Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty Limited lifetime warranty Limited lifetime warranty
Price Range Check Price Check Price Check Price


Summary of Contents

Blue Diamond:

Color: Dark Blue
Surface: Smooth
Weight: Heavy
Cooking Time: Fast

Green Diamond: 

Color: Light Green
Surface: Less Smooth
Weight: Lightweight
Cooking Time: Moderate

Red Diamond:

Color: Dark Red
Surface: Smooth
Weight: Lightweight
Cooking Time: Fast

Blue Diamond Cookware: A Short Review

The Blue Diamond cookware set will be one of your best companions if you like to cook at a much higher temperature.Blue Diamond Cookware

  • Manufacturer

The Cookware Company” is the manufacturer of Blue Diamond cookware. The company is a pioneer in manufacturing healthy pots and pans and is famous worldwide. Every year, the cookware company generates revenues of approximately $200 million.

  • The downside of Blue Diamond cookware

Every product may have some downsides, as does Blue Diamond cookware. The food on the cookware surface sticks sometimes. But if you use sufficient oil on the cookware surface, you can quickly get rid of the issue.

  • Can I purchase different sizes of Blue Diamond cookware?

Every well-known cookware brand offers a variety of product types and sizes to cater to the diverse tastes of its customers. The Blue Diamond cookware brand also presents a lot of collections. The Blue Diamond collections include both single skillets and multi-piece cookware sets. 

Product Lineup:

i) 5-Quart sauté pan

ii) 10-inch grill pan

iii) 11-inch griddle

iv) 4-Piece Cookware Set

v) 6-Piece pots and pans Set

vi) 9-Piece Cookware Set

vii) 10-Piece Cookware Set

viii) 14-Piece Cookware Set 

ix) Fry Pan Set (10 and 11-Inch)

x) Saucepan Set (1 and 2-Quart)

Red Diamond Pots and Pans Review

If you purchase the red diamond cookware set, you can probably get one of the highest qualities of cookware.Red Diamond Review

  • Even heating

Cooking foods evenly in red-diamond cookware gives them the perfect flavor. Maintaining lower to medium temperatures at the cookware’s bottom will prepare the food nicely and help you become an excellent chef.

  • Non-stick

This is one of the best features of Red Diamond cookware. It is non-stick, so it does not cause any trouble in cooking fries or washing the cookware surface after use.

Green Diamond Pots and Pans: Quick Overview

Now, we are going to discuss green diamond cookware. After comparing it with Red and Blue Diamond cookware sets, it will not give you better output. But its non-stick surface has the ability to impress you a lot.Green Diamond Cookware

  • Quality non-stick

If you compare the same-priced pots and pans sets with those from Green Diamond, you will like the Green Diamond cookware set better. Generally, a quality non-stick pot or pan costs a lot. However, green diamonds have the same feature at a lower cost.

  • Easy cleaning

Every chef knows that food sticking is a terrible issue that does not only hamper cooking but also hampers washing the skillet. Since the Green Diamond cookware comes with excellent non-stick quality, it also makes your cleaning experience easier.

Differences between Blue Diamond and Red Diamond Cookware

  • Color Intensity

The blue diamond cookware and red diamond cookware are mainly different in color.

The blue diamond cookware comes in various hues. You can find greenish-blue or grayish-blue hues in the pants. The colors are also divided into two different categories: lighter varietals and deep-colored blues. Between the two types of collections, lighter variants are less costly.

On the other hand, the red diamond cookware sets do not have various color options (only one color).

  • Stiffness

The blue diamond pans are about five times harder than the other diamond cookware. So, its stiffness makes it different from both red and green diamond pans.


Are you confused about the differences between Green Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Red Diamond pots and pans? Don’t worry; each piece of cookware has its own set of features.

Oven safety

Both Blue Diamond, Red Diamond, and Green Diamond pots and pans sets are oven safe. The handles on the Swiss Diamond pans are oven safe. Moreover, they are oven-safe up to 500°F.

Dishwasher safety

Suppose you are in a hurry and you have a short time on your hands. You can easily wash all the pans using a dishwasher.

Green vs. Blue vs. Red Diamond Cookware: Which is Better?

Although there are a lot of similarities between Red Diamond, Green Diamond, and Blue Diamond pots and pans, some features prove that Blue Diamond cookware is the best.

The appearance and durability of cookware are the most important features which customers widely recognize. Moreover, blue diamond frying pans are the hardest, so they may last longer.

On the other hand, red diamond pots and pans require less oil. They do not stick to your food at all.

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