Is induction cookware compatible with gas cooktops?

When you purchase new cookware, what things do you consider? Isn’t it durability, color, appearance, good performance, and non-reactivity? But its compatibility with a cooktop is another essential thing you must re-check before buying.

Bonus: Can you use non-induction cookware on an induction cooktop?

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What Exactly Is Induction Cooking?

An induction cooktop is an electric cooking device with a smooth glass surface. It uses magnetism to connect the electricity with the bottom of your cookware. Thus, it heats the cookware surface and prepares your food.

It uses the current in the electromagnetic field. Then it converts the electrical power to heat, enabling a good cooking surface. Nowadays, induction cooking is famous worldwide. We can categorize the cookware materials into three classes of their compatibility. 

-Gas & induction-compatible: Carbon steel, cast iron, etc.

-Induction-compatible: Aluminum with ceramic or non-stick coating, stainless steel with an aluminum core, stainless steel with a copper core, etc. 

-Not compatible for induction: Copper

Can Induction Cookware Be Used on a Gas Cooktop?

Almost all induction-safe cookware can be set on a gas cooktop. The heating capacity of a gas cooktop is as good as induction.Using Induction Cookware on a Gas Stove

However, you have induction cookware but no induction cooktop at home. What should you do? Don’t worry. You can use your induction pans on gas cooktops with complete safety. However, you get several advantages when you cook with induction cookware on a gas cooktop, which we will discuss later in this article. So if you have a gas cooktop, you can use it to heat your induction cookware. It will efficiently heat the pan and prepare your preferred food items.

Which induction pans are not suitable for a gas cooktop?

All induction pans are safe for use on a gas cooktop except for two types. 

  • When the base of the pan is thin, it is appropriate only for induction cooktops, not gas cooktops. The heat of the fire can quickly damage the slim metal base.
  • When the magnetic layer of the cookware is sprayed on the surface or under the bottom, it is not suitable to set on a gas cooktop. The fumes from the gas cooktop can remove the thin sprayed layer.
  • Copper is a cookware metal that cannot be heated up on an induction cooktop. Moreover, it is also unable to heat up on a gas stove without stainless steel or silver lining. So, you must check the cookware carefully to see if the lining is present or not.

Equally gas and induction compatible materials

Two stiff and durable materials can be suitable for your induction and the gas cooktop. The materials are carbon steel and cast iron.Equally gas and induction compatible materials

  • Carbon steel

Carbon steel is an iron and carbon alloy made of good abrasion-resistant material. It is equally gas and induction cooktop compatible. High carbon steel is abrasion-resistant. The material is stiff and long-lasting. 

If you want unique cookware for your kitchen, you may go for the cast iron. Its versatility will please you.

  • Only Gas Compatible (Magnetizing is A Must for Induction Compatibility)

The following cookware materials can be used on a gas stove. You can also use them on an induction cooktop if it is magnetized. 

  • Aluminum with ceramic non-stick coating

The ceramic coating on aluminum helps to make the metal to be more durable and non-porous. This type of aluminum is good for a gas stove. But, you have to magnetize it to use on an induction cooktop. 

When aluminum has a non-stick coating, it is also gas compatible. Moreover, magnetizing the cookware makes it also compatible with a gas cooktop. It is lightweight and has excellent heat-conducting. Finally, the non-stick coating prevents the cookware from sticking food on the cookware surface. 

  • Stainless Steel with an Aluminum/Copper Base

Every cookware lover knows how efficient cooking with stainless steel is. It is compatible with almost every cooktop. But all the available stainless steel cookware on the market does not have a magnetic base.

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The Benefits of Using Induction Cookware on a Gas Stove

Induction cookware is a metal product with both induction and gas compatibility. The cookware has an even-heating feature.

  • Even heating is an essential feature of an induction cooktop. So, when you use it on a gas stove, you can get tastier food.
  • Induction-ready cookware is easy to clean. So, you can purchase it for use on your gas cooktop, although there is no induction cooktop in your house.

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